Usb flash drive 64 GB Sony VAIO

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I purchase "Sony Vaio 64 GB USB flash drive" from eBay, it is FAKE too. it is 2 GB reprogram to 64 GB, when disk capacity went up to 1.8 GB, it won't take any more data. computer seems saving data, after finish "saving", the data seems on the disk. but after taking out of disk, then re-plug in, and you will see what happening! there is no data there or file corrupt, and can't be deleted. I was saving a bunch of  data to this disk then reformat my computer, when I try to restore files to my computer, where is my files, they are all gone, and some files were corrupted. even I used format tool to reformat the flash drive, it just took about a minisecond to finish, and reporting capacity is still 64 GB. sick!
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