Use Of Tide Watches & Who They Are For

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During the ancient times, people used to tell time by means of monumental shadows with the help of the sun. After the industrial revolution, watches became very popular for the members of the upper class. At present, people from all walks of life can afford to buy a watch depending on the purpose and function that they prefer. Runners are equipped with time-sensitive wristwatches with the functions of split and lap time. For divers, a waterproof watch of at least 1000 meters and the ability to measure depth is required. Mountain climbers need to track GPS, direction, altitude, and temperature, thus a watch bearing these functions are worth investing in. The innovation brought by high-speed technology offers a new generation of watches: tide watch.

Who Needs A Tide Watch?

Anybody can buy a tide watch. It is a combination of a technical and sports watch and with sleek designs, it is perfect for any occasion. But to serve its main purpose well, read the rest of the article.
A tide watch is specifically designed for fishermen, surfers, sea navigators and travellers – basically anybody who frequently engages in activities at sea. From the name itself, a tide watch is used to track, measure, and monitor tidal changes at a particular date and time. With enough knowledge of geographical locations, one can maximize the use of a tide watch.
Professional fishermen and fishing line companies are the main users of tide watches. In fishing, it is very crucial to monitor the low and high tide in order to successfully catch fish. With the influence of factors such as climate and geography, there are certain periods that fishes are out in the open which is the most ideal time for fishermen. Surfers also need to wait for perfect waves to make successful turns especially during tournaments and trainings. Similarly, sea travellers can make use of a tide watch mainly because no one wants to travel with huge, dangerous waves or very shallow seawater.
The levels of seawater are directly influenced by the gravitational pull of the moon. Such levels vary on locations as the moon changes its phases every day. When the pull is so strong, expect that there will be higher tides and stronger waves. Choosing the best tide watch can help people at sea in predicting the time of highest or lowest levels of water. However, one must also be knowledgeable of coordinate mapping because most tide watches rely on the latitude and longitude inputs while other models have features of choosing among list of cities.
New releases of the best tide watches not only allow users to input latitudes and longitudes for tide measurements. Some also display lunar phases in graphic form, hourly intervals of seawater levels, and sunrise and sunset. These features are majorly helpful for hunters as there are certain species which only get out of their nesting areas if it is already seasons for hunting food or mating. In China where people use lunar calendar, a tide watch might be a perfect tool for daily living.
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