Use of the term N.O.S around the HK,T,G listings.

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Hello to all of you who are regulars to the HK, T and G pages, This probably wont be of any interest to you, but if  your a new buyer perhaps you can read on, it will only take a couple of minutes. It seems that a number of sellers are using the term New Old Stock to describe their items when in actual fact they have been restored to original condition or are in great second hand used condition. This is not New Old Stock. Other unscrupulous sellers will describe an item as NOS without further description, I have been stung a couple of times by this, sure its a NOS item but its in terrible condition after sitting in the back of someones shed for 40 years. The best piece of advice I can give here is to never assume a seller knows the meaning of NOS, and always ask a Question relating to the actual condition of the item if the seller hasnt given one, it only takes a minute or so.

Ive also noticed one hell of a lot of repo parts being sold as NOS, especially clips, body fastners, moulding screws etc, I've purchased these and when they come in the mail, they are simply the Rare Spares part at 3 or 4 times the cost. Please be very wary of this gear and also note that a great deal of the repo parts being auctioned here can be purchased from Rare Spares outlets for a fraction of the cost. Unfortunatley I've only just realised whats been going on.

Hope I havent bored the hell out of you, but if I can save newcomers to the monaro pages from getting stung, Ill be a happy man, Cheers Mick

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