Used Bedroom Set Buying Guide

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Used Bedroom Set Buying Guide

Many rooms in the home will jump out as pivotal; however, no room is more important, nor receives more use, than the bedroom. The average man or woman will spend over a quarter of their life sleeping, it is an astounding fact that relays how important the bedroom is. A part of the bedroom that doesn’t necessarily receive much attention is the peripheral furniture. Such pieces pull a room together and are now available for purchase in sets.

Purchasing a used bedroom set is a great way to save money on the original RRP. In order to get a great price on a bedroom set, be sure to check out eBay’s bedroom furniture deals.

Why Choose a Bedroom Set?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a first time bedroom furniture shopper or someone who has done it a hundred times, the bedroom furniture market can be a daunting one to enter. The biggest upside of opting for a set instead of individual pieces is price and style.

Buying multiple items in one transaction has always been a great way to save money and a bedroom set is no exception. It is the best way to find a set of furniture that matches and removes the hassle of hunting out singular pieces. Buying a bedroom set guarantees that all items fit into the home without any need for a change in décor or style.

What Comes in a Bedroom Set?

Before shopping for a bedroom set it is important to understand what comes in one. This can vary between manufacturer and retailer, with the more items in a collection, the more it tends to cost. A traditional bedroom set features two or more of the following:

· Bed Frame

· Mattress

· Nightstand

· Chest of Drawers

· Armoire

· Wardrobe

· Vanity Table

· Shelving Unit

When shopping for a bedroom set always have the bedroom size in mind. It may sound obvious but larger rooms require more furniture, while smaller rooms just require the basics. Overstocking and under stocking a room is the biggest problem people encounter when shopping for a used bedroom set.

Bed Sizes

The bed is the comfort element of the bedroom and picking the right size to suit your body frame is important. It should be big enough so that whoever uses it has plenty of room to spread out comfortably, while not so big that it takes away from the rest of the room. The following are the measurements of traditional bed sizes:







Twin (Extra Long)












California King




When it comes to style shoppers will have two types to choose from. Remember to try to get something that suits the décor of a room to ensure that a used bedroom set can fit in with minimal fuss.


Traditional bedroom furniture is constructed out of wood or rustic metal. They are solid, sturdy and built to last, and come in styles that are now considered rare in the modern day furniture market. Beds sold in traditional bedroom sets will usually be one of the following.

· Sleigh Bed

· Four-poster Bed

· Iron Bed

On the whole, traditional bedroom sets will feature thicker and heavier materials. However, they do come at a premium price.


Contemporary bedroom sets are made out of a wood blend, which usually features third-party elements, such as fibreglass or plastic. The beds that can be classed as contemporary include:

· Platform Bed

· Open-toe Bed

· Cabin Bed

· Platform Bed

Contemporary beds usually feature lighter materials with a brighter finish. Their light nature is in large part due to the fact that less material is used to construct them. It also means that contemporary bedroom sets are far more cost effective and budget friendly.

Additional Furniture

The bed is the core element of any bedroom set. However, without additional pieces of furniture it simply isn’t a set. When buying a set, the extras that come alongside the bed should match in terms of style and colour. Bear in mind that traditional style furniture is large and such sets are best suited to larger rooms, whilst contemporary furniture is far more versatile.

For those who have storage in mind there are two items that they should want in a bedroom set. A chest of drawers and some form of shelving unit should be considered a must, while an armoire is also useful if that little bit of extra closet space is needed.

There are some bedroom sets that also tailor furniture towards women. The addition of a vanity mirror is perfect for those who like to do their make-up in the bedroom. In some circumstances, a manufacturer may forgo the vanity mirror and simply use a larger basic mirror instead.

Buying Used

The reasons to buy a used bedroom set are fairly obvious (as detailed above), but it is not as simple a process as buying new. Buying used doesn’t come with the same luxuries, so don’t expect any cosmetically perfect parts or item warranty. Those who are choosing to buy used need to be diligent in their approach to a purchase. Don’t always take an item listing as gospel and do what you can to get more knowledge on the products condition. The best way to do this is to talk to the seller and ask them in-depth questions about the bedroom set. Some good questions to ask include:

· What is in the bedroom set?

· Is the bedroom set complete?

· Have any pieces of the bedroom set being subjected to repair?

· What is the condition of each piece of the bedroom set?

· Does the bedroom set come with its original purchase receipt?

· What delivery options do you offer?

How to Buy a Bedroom Set on eBay

In the past, the only way to acquire furniture was to pay over the top prices at a high-street furniture chain. Shoppers would spend days on end looking for the perfect set at a good price, with most not succeeding. The world of online shopping has made sure that this isn’t the case anymore, and shoppers can now view hundreds of pieces of furniture in a single click.

eBay’s search engine makes it easy to find exactly what a shopper needs. Start on eBay’s homepage and type in 'bedroom set'. This will bring it up all listings tagged with such words. The search term can be altered to bring up more specific results. Bear in the mind that the more detailed the search term the better results a shopper is likely to receive.

Always pay for purchases with PayPal, as this will guarantee that buyers are covered should something unfortunate happen to an order. To learn more about how eBay protects its users, head on over to the Buyer Protection page.


Bedroom sets are a great way to save money, and buying used means that furnishing a bedroom is readily affordable. It provides everything that a bedroom needs, and in one single transaction. Shoppers can now save time and money by utilising the world’s leading online auction site to its fullest potential.

With such a huge variety of bedroom sets available, buyers will be overwhelmed with choice and are sure to find something suitable. For all home furnishing needs, there is no better website to check out than eBay, the number one online furniture retailer.

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