Used Tap Buying Guide

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Used Tap Buying Guide

Taps are an essential component for any kitchen or bathroom to allow easy access to water. Taps are also fitted outside the home to provide water to outdoor appliances such as garden hoses and patio cleaners.

The purpose of this guide is to inform the reader all about used taps and to explain how to purchase these bathroom products safely and efficiently on eBay.

There is an extensive range of used taps for sale in the current market in a range of styles, shapes, sizes and designs providing buyers with a wealth of choice to accommodate for their individual tastes, desires, requirements and preferences.


Taps are valves for controlling the release and flow of liquids and gases. Taps are most domestically used in kitchens and bathrooms to control the release of water in sinks and baths. Taps can also control the flow of the water by using a simple screwing motion in a clockwise or anti-clockwise manner. Generally a sink will have two taps; one for hot water and one for cold water.

Taps may also be used to distribute beer from kegs at parties. Scientists also may use taps in a laboratory to release gas into Bunsen burners to operate them.  

Tap Types

Taps are available in many different types and styles to cater for everyone’s individual differences in desires and requirements.



Pillar Basin/Bath

The pillar style features a pair of taps; one for hot and one for cold water. These taps are affordable and easy to install and often feature the traditional cross head or lever handles.

Suitable for two-hole baths, basins and kitchen sinks


Single-body style of tap that mixes hot and cold water in the body of the tap. Two handles either side of the tap allowing the user greater control over the temperature (reducing the likelihood of burns).

Typically only suitable for high water pressure

Dual Flow

This tap provides a single stream of water but it prevents unequal water pressure by keeping the hot and cold water flows separate within the body of the tap.

Suitable to be used in homes where a mixer tap is desired but unequal water pressures prevent mixer tap installation.


This type of tap is a single lever that controls the cold and hot water, which flows through one mixer tap. Monobloc taps are neat and minimalistic in appearance. These tap types also offer the user greater control over the flow rate than most traditional tap types.

Suitable for homes that have completely equal hot and cold water pressures.

Shower Mixer

Shower mixers host a specialised diverter mechanism inside them which directs the water supply to a showerhead that is attached to the tap. Shower mixers can be either hung over the bath on a wall bracket or simply placed in a telephone-like fashion providing a period look to the bath. Shower mixers offer great value for money as they don’t require any plumbing or an additional shower pump.

Shower mixer taps are suitable for all water types and pressures.

Pull-Out Spray Mixer

These tap types are similar to a shower mixer but typically feature an adjustable hose for easy and convenient use. Pull-out spray mixers are incredibly popular in kitchens as they can rinse and wash food with ease.

Pull-out spray mixers are suitable for all water types and pressures.

Water Filter Taps

Modern water filter taps are also now available on the market to purchase. These taps provide clean, great tasting water with reduced chlorine, lead and other sediments typically found in tap water.  

Water filter taps are suitable for all water types and pressures.

Used Taps

Taps can be quite costly- especially brand new- with some top of the range taps costing as much as a thousand dollars. Used taps on the other hand can be purchased at a significantly lower price than their brand new counterparts.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of buying used taps rather than brand new ones is that the quality of the tap is still good enough to sell even though someone else has previously used it.

Another benefit of opting for used taps rather than brand new taps is the environmental advantage because re-selling taps is a form of recycling. This means that buyers are purchasing responsibly in an environmentally conscious manner.

How to buy Used Taps on eBay

The choice of used taps online greatly outnumber those that can be found on the high street and numerous amounts can be reviewed and analysed alongside each other aligned with the buyer’s individual tastes, requirements and preferences. In this case, eBay is perfect for presenting a quick, easy and effortless route into searching for used taps on the internet.

For the most successful purchase keep the following guidelines in mind for the most efficient and safe shopping on eBay:

· Search – To find a product on eBay using the search toolbar simply:

o   Enter “taps”

o   Then click the category entitled “Home & Garden” located on the left-hand side of the screen

o   Next click the option “Building Materials, DIY

o   Then click the category “Plumbing & Fixtures

o   Next click the option “Taps, Mixers” if available

o   Finally, click the option “used” under the category “Condition”

· Material – To search for used taps by their material type, buyers need only to click the relevant option under the category “Material”. For example, buyers searching for used metal taps should simply select “Metal”. Search results may then be limited down to the type of metal by selecting the relevant option under the category “Metal Type”.  Buyers searching for used brass taps for example, need only to tick the option “Brass” from the sub-category “Metal Type”.

· Shop Safely – In order to have the most successful purchase shopping on eBay; always read the product description thoroughly to ensure that the description, and photographs match to your expectations; this is increasingly true when buying used products.  

· If there are any further questions, it is advisable to contact the seller about the transaction. The seller should respond with the answers required before finalising any purchase.  

· Use PayPal – Although eBay accepts a range of payment methods such as debit cards, credit cards, and third-party solution Paypal. PayPal is safe and permits shoppers to send payments securely and quickly online using a credit card, bank account or PayPal balance. For more information about eBay’s relationship and how to use Paypal, please visit the ‘About PayPal’ page on the website.

· eBay Deals – Don’t forget to check out the latest deals on used taps by looking in the “Bathroom” section of the “Home & Lifestyle” department. Many fantastic discounts can be found here along with free postage costs.


There are many factors to consider and issues to take into account when purchasing used taps. However with the important information and crucial considerations outlined as part of this guide, coupled with eBay’s highly detailed and easy to use website, buying used taps is quick and easy.

Buying on eBay should be considered not only due to the prospect of finding a good deal; but due to the extensive choice of used taps that the website offers. Remember to always keep personal information and banking details safe and secure by using payment authority PayPal to complete transactions with eBay sellers.

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