Useful Info for newbies!! No need to guess postage cost

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~~Tips for posting & Calculating~~

If your starting out new on ebay and are listing items that require posting, alot  of people just guess, I know that's what I did when I first started out on ebay amnd alot of the times I under qouted amout and was out of pocket.

What I found easier was to find the box that you are going to be posting the item in and put item in and weight it, once you have your weight then on a peice of paper write box dementions height width length.( This way everytime someone asks for a postage amount you dont have to get the box etc again you can just refer to your weekly papaer and weights chart) Once youve done this Aust Post has a website and here can type in postcodes leaving from and going to then all the details weight dementions etc and it will give you a calculated price.

A few tips I find helpful, always add 40c to the amount the website states as it can differ. and if you are sending a difficult item eg, a lamp and the base and shade need to be sent separetly then box them seperate and then tape them together with proper packing tape, this way the box is an odd shape and Aust Post cannot cube the box (which normally cost's a fair bit)

A course for items like clothing etc there are prepaid sachets that you can use, there is a 500g bag which from memery is around $5.10 and a 3 kg bag which is around $9.10 makes life easier that's for sure.

Another tip Ive heard is if you make the box and odd shape for example if you push one of the corners of the box in (without damaging what's inside of course) then it wont get stacked on the bottom of the pile as it wouldnt allow for safe stacking.

Always pack your items with packing peanuts bubble wrap and or news paper, as Aust Post dont offer a fragile service and I have been told by postage workers that they drop boxes from a meter high at times and throw them around etc (inot trucks and things) so always try and pack items safely and registration is a great idea for loss of items.

hope this has helped wish I knew some of this when I first started out!


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