Using eBay to de-clutter your home and your life

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Ebay has helped thousands get rid of unwanted belongings and declutter their lives. Of course, the best incentive is making extra cash without having the stress of having a garage sale and strangers coming to your home. With eBay you attract a huge buyer base not just your local community. And best of all you can create space by decluttering your life and getting extra money at the same time.


Begin by de-cluttering one room at a time. Choose your bedroom. and sort all your clothes, shoes jewellery into 3 piles- keep, give and sell. As a rule, anything you havent used or worn in the last 6 months  If you are a real hoarder and find it hard to let things go then try for 12 months.


What would you like to acheive? It is important to have a clear goal you can stick to. It could be just creating more space at home, making extra money to save up for something like a new lounge etc. This will help you stay focused and keep motivated.


Take photos of all your 'to sell' items and list in batches of similar items such as tops, pants etc this will make listing easier. The picture is the most important selling tool so make sure it is appealing and does the item justice. When writing your ad make sure you point out the best features of the item, however maintaining an accurate description.

Dont get discouraged when things dont sell, try reducing the price or failing that, put it in a separate box to give to charity so someone will benefit from it.



I am constantly amazed at what people will buy- never doubt that your trash can truly be someone's treasure! I once sold a pair of shoes with 3 holes in them! As long as you are honest about the condition of the items you can sell anything; including faulty clothing and accessories and broken appliances. I had a buyer travel for 6 hours to buy a hot water heater for $10 that he could easily fix.

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