Using the Second Chance Offer Option (for New Sellers)

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If you are a new seller to eBay this tip may really be helpful for you.  I know it was for me.

One of eBays top powersellers gave me this tip and it made such a difference in how I started to look at the business of eBay.

Use the second chance offer option!!!  What is this?  Well let me explain.. (if you are an advanced eBayer this may seem very basic so please forgive me).

When an auction ends and is updated to the "SOLD" part of your "My eBay" listing you have the opportunity to offer a "second chance offer" to those who have bid and not won the item (Naturally the item needs to have had more than one user bidding).  This is especially of interest to those who have multiple items to sell. 

You will be offering the item at the highest bid they made (lower than the winning bid).  The benefit of this is that you do not pay additional insertion fees.

If you stock multiples of the same item this is a terrific option for you as you can sell as many items as there are bidders for separate buyers. Know the price you want and then make the second chance offer for all of the bidders above that price.  It is not a guaranteed sale unless the offer it taken up.

For Example:

You have 5 items - lets call them christmas trees for the example.  You want to sell them for $50.  Your auction finishes and the highest winning bid is for $71.  There were 6 separate bidders.  The second highest bid was for $69, the third, $65, the fourth $60 and the fifth, $55.  All of the top 5 bids were above your "want to sell price" so you can make offers to all of the bidders above the $50 price. 

You wont have to pay insertion fees however the final value fee on any items that sells on a second chance offer is still applicable.

I hope you use this option.  It really can be of great benefit and can be a really efficient way to work, saving time and money.

If this tip has been helpful please vote.  I hope you are rewarded greatly.

Thanks for reading!
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