VFL Teams - Collectors Ladder

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Often people ask us which team is the most collected out of all the 12 VFL teams. To be honest, trends in what is popular at the time can vary. However, the popularity of individual clubs never does. Each club has its own band of loyal fans. The teams current status on the ladder can influence the popularity in collectables. A team doing well on the ladder will see a rise in memorabilia interest. It is very hard to pinpoint just exactly where on the ladder each team is, so we have grouped them on different rungs, this creating a generalized view. This list is based on our experience and may not reflect the views of others. (please no hate mail).

  1. Collingwood

  2. Essendon, St Kilda, Richmond

  3. Hawthorn, Fitzroy

  4. South Melbourne

  5. Footscray, Melbourne, Geelong, Carlton

  6. North Melbourne

Of course, for every rule there is the exception. Carlton was once a clear last with very little interest in memorabilia, however since their fortunes have dipped 'football wise', their memorabilia has become more sought after. The tough times have bought out more of their supporters.

Fitzroy memorabilia prior to 1996 had only limited appeal. Since their untimely demise they have become one of the more popular teams, perhaps because they wouldn't be making any more. During the Brisbane premiership era, their memorabilia became the hottest ticket in town, ever surpassing Collingwood in demand. It has since cooled off a bit, but it still demands interest.

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