Variations on Mens Underwear

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Men's underwear come in different styles and names. It must have been hurtful for fashion-savvy men to hear women saying that their underwear choices are limited and boring.
I'm only familiar with briefs, boxer, and boxer briefs. Imagine when I found out that there were also bikinis and thongs. I know women have these types of underwear, but not men. Then, there's also undershirts and tank tops.
Briefs, like most of men's underwear, are made of cotton and cover all the parts of a man below the waist that needs covering. This type of underwear is also called tighty-whiteys and has been around for more than half a century like its brother, the boxers.
Boxers are like shorts which are undergarments for men. Nowadays, underwear manufacturers have also ventured into marketing boxers for females to be able to reach a bigger market.
Boxers have long been in the imagination of women as their prospective man's underwear. Usually made of 100% cotton, boxers have different patterns and graphics. The most common are plaids and stripes, but there are also fun ones for the funny guys. I've seen some which have owls and trucks.
A popular underwear is the boxer briefs which is a combination of boxers and briefs. The boxer briefs have the perfect fit of the latter and the coverage of the former. Similar to briefs, they provide support like the former does. One good thing about this kind of underwear is that there are no bulges, thus no lines are seen on slacks. Dark boxer briefs also disguise a little fat here and there.
An addition to the normally modest men's underwear is the bikinis. For men who are into low-rise jeans, bikinis are the perfect choice since they sit about four inches below the belly button. The waistband for the string bikini is only a half-inch thick, thus the thighs are exposed. (The butt is still completely covered, though.)
If you think that thongs are only for men, then you're in for a big surprise. If you think that the bikini is already scandalous with the little coverage it provides, think about how much, or rather how less, a thong covers. A man's genitalia is only hidden by a small piece of cloth. If the bikini has a half-inch strip as a waistband, the thong only has a string around the waist that holds up the small cloth covering the male organ.
Should you buy a thong, don't go for a 100% cotton one. Instead, look for one made of a blend of nylon and spandex.
An undershirt is another type of men's underwear. This can be worn underneath pullovers and button-downs.
There are also tank tops for men, another surprise for women. Also known as wife-beaters, these tops are sleeveless with wide shoulder straps. The neckline shows ample décolletage, even for men.
Thanks to creative innovations, men now have a lot of choices when going underwear shopping.

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