Vegetable seeds to plant for spring

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Vegetable seeds to plant for spring
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Spring is upon us and for those of us with vegetable patches are excited to be planting a new range of seeds for harvesting.  When considering what to plant, it's important to be aware of how much space plants need to grow, and what types of plants complement others.  I use and sell Yates vegetable seeds. 

One of the most popular vegetables (or fruit) to plant in spring are tomatoes.  There is a huge range of tomato seeds available and most can be grown in pots as well as garden beds.  Most can be sowed directly where they are to grow.  Some tomatoes require staking and need up to 50cm spacing between plants.  Be careful not to over-water tomatoes, it can lead to the base of the fruit rotting.   Look for tomatoes with the most flavour, such as mortgage lifter, summerstar (which also loves hot conditions) and italian tomato.  Most tomatoes are great companion plants for  basil, broccoli, carrots, celery, onions, marigolds, marjoram, parsley & parsnip.

Another great summer vegetable is capsicum.  Rather than stick to the traditional red or green bell shaped peppers, look for a variety of colours and shapes such as in the colour salad selection.  These provide not only more interest on the plate, but a range of textures and tastes as well.  You can harvest these when they are green or wait for them to mature into other colorus.  A great companion plant for basil.

Most carrots can be planted all year round.   Look for a nice sweet variety such as nantes or more appealing shapes such as the parisian round.  Work soil well before sowing as deep, well-drained soils give best results. Thrive Granular All Purpose Fertiliser and Yates Superphosphate incorporated before sowing will ensure a good crop.

Beetroot can be used for much more than just pickling.  Fresh, raw, thinly sliced vegetables make for a great crunch in any sald and beetroot leaves add a great taste and texture, or can also be boiled as any regular green.  Super king are sweet and tender.  Great companion plant for beans, broccoli, lettuce, onions, potatoes and peas.

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