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 Crayon Stains

Has you child surprised you with a crayon in their pockets that you didn't know about? The stain of crayons is rather difficult to get out, but a remedy is at hand. Spray the clothing with a stain release leave over night then using Ajax powder (or similar product) and rub it into the stain with a little water. Then wash normally. Be careful with colours, to much rubbing will take some of the colour out, but a little wont hurt. The bleach in the Ajax takes out the stain and the cleaning agent in it dissolves the wax residue of the crayon.

Lint Problems in the Sink or Trough

Prevent your drains from blocking up with lint by securing an old stocking over the end of the hose with a heavy rubber band.  To clean simply replace the stocking.

For sinks and troughs, place a piece of fly screen or shad cloth on the bottom of the sink.  These are heavy enough to stay in place.  Clean by wiping over with a brush or you hand.

Gentle Pre-wash

Using a nylon onion bag, place a bar of Solvol soap or Industrial abrasive hand soap in the bag and tie it or sew it closed.  Place the bag in the machine with your wash.  Set machine to wash.  Remove the bag and wash as normal.  The abrasiveness of the soap and the bag will remove most common stains.

Washing Blankets and Bed Linen

Add a sprinkling of your favourite bath salts to the rinse cycle of the wash.  Your bedding will bed soft and sweet smelling for a very pleasant nights sleep.

Washing and Storing Winter Clothing

When winter is over we all want to make room in our closets for our summer clothing.  So storing winter woollies is a common chore for spring time.  We all hate that musty smell our clothes have when winter arrives and we pull out our winter clothes from storage.  Try adding 1 tablespoon of eucalyptus oil or camphor oil with 1/2 cup of your favourite bath salts to the rinse cycle.  The bath salts will tone down and give a pleasant scent to your clothes and the camphor and eucalyptus will prevent moth and silverfish infestation.  Then pack away the winter clothing as usual.

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