Vibration Training Poses

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Vibration Training Poses

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This guide explains 3 Vibration Training Poses and results you can get.Using the right poses for the your goals will help you achieve them faster and safer.

1: Direct Response

Eg push-up or squat.

This is where we are pushing energy directly into a part of the body. When doing this exercise on a vibration massage machine the feeling will be intense and your aim is to fatigue your muscles. These poses burn the most calories.

2: Indirect Response

eg pelvic hold

This is where the body is trying to balance itself by using a range of muscles, the muscle you are exercising and the surrounding muscles to support you while doing the exercise. The pose does not feel intense. It is not meant to. The benefits are more subtle in nature. Eg the Pelvic hold also inflences abs, thighs and back muscles.

3: Masssage

These pose circluate the blood . It does not burn fat or build muscle

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