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A guide of making vintage (past era) clothing suit your individual style in a modern world - TIP NO.#1 Vintage is classed a clothing items at least 40 years old- Retro is 80's and beyond . Keep this in mind when you have your eye on that 80's batwing jumper!

TIP NO#2 .Study the fashion of the past decades, how they were put together, even perhaps look at old movies, books from library or even old womens's magazines grandma may have left in her cupboard - it will give you an idea what styles you like, how to accessorize and most figure flattering.

TIP NO#3.Keep in mind your body measurements, and that of item on sale to ensure good fit. You can bend alittle if you are handy on adjusting the item (ie. taking in in a size, adjusting a hem, mending a hole) by sewing etc.. this may be tricky though if complicated style.

TIP NO.#4.You may wish to wear a few vintage pieces incorporated in your current wardrobe to give your style a unique charm instead of total head-to-toe vintage. A modern wrap style dress for example with antique pearls, and vintage 1920's handbag will work also.

TIP NO.#5.If your not sure about the item for sale (on ebay), my tip for you is if your are not thinking about it within the next few days and not sure about colour, sleeves look all wrong, too floral perhaps etc DON'T  WASTE YOUR TIME, something else will come around the corner! It may be vintage - but think 'will it suit me- can I carry this off?'  Lastly, just think you will be the only one has that special unique clothing, so be confident and happy  as you can be sure someone will definately ask you where you bought with envy!!!

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