Vital Information Before Buying A PC Game

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Vital Information Before Buying A PC Game

How often we wished a PC game could be plugged in and play immediately like our consoles games such as Playstation 3 or Xbox or a PSP. So follow these simple structured checks to make sure everything is ready.

1) Check your PC specification.
CPU speed, rating, available harddisk space, CD and / or DVD ROM, memory (system memory) as well as graphics card capabilities and graphics memory. A Celeron 2.4 GHZ PC does not mean it is faster than a Pentium 4 2.0 GHZ simply because of inner factors such as complex instructions inside the core (the engine) of the CPU. So be aware: the PC you just bought NEW on Christmas does not mean it will install and play any new games.

2) Check the system requirements for the specific game you intend to purchase. It is normally written on the game. Or could be found online - such as in Gamespot or the official game site - or a simple "google" away.

3) Update your graphics card driver. Graphics seems to be the driver of games. (and vice versa) Thus game developers often work with graphics manufacturers such as Nvidia and ATI to ensure latest effects are applied correctly onto their card. And the updated driver will ensure a smoother gameplay.

4) Update your Operating System from the official site. Windows XP and Vista often have new patches and updates to iron out bugs.

5) Check the official game website for patches for your PC game.

6) Check online game forums for latest updates and tips e.g. "graphics error #124 Call of Duty 4" just a quick search on google will yield answers you often find frustrating to ask the tech support.

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