WARNING - Buying Electrical Goods in the Nail Category

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PLEASE READ THIS .... As a consumer you need to be aware of what is happening.

In the nail category there are several sellers from Asia selling Nail Drills and UV Lamps in the nail care category. 

Ebay have been pulling the listings of these sellers because they are supplying illegal goods into Australia.  They are now getting away with listing because they are being deceiptful and not honest with you in their descriptions thus making it hard for ebay to pull their listings.  Let me explain why...

The goods they are selling to you have illegal plugs on them, they state they supply an adaptor.  It is illegal to sell goods in this fashion in Australia.  All electrical items MUST have an AU plug on them and not an adaptor.  These adaptors they are supplying, not only are they illegal, but they are DANGEROUS because they are not insulated.  By using these with an adaptor you are putting yourself, your clients, your family, business and insurance at risk.

These sellers are  being so dishonest with you and are breaching the Australian Trade Practices Act, there is one seller with many ID's claiming to be an Australian seller, when in fact they are not.  To deceive you even more they have deliberately removed all the photos of plugs on their electrical items so eBay will not have enough proof that they are illegal and pull the listing.  And if you email and ask them what sort of plug the item has, they will not reply.

Alot of these drills are not genuine either.  We have seen several of these drills and they were imitations on their face of the genuine item.  When our electrician opened them, he was horrified, they were wired and the wires were held together with a white substance, not unlike chewing gum.  These would not have passed an electrical test in Australia.

We have been buying our drills and lamps direct from the manufacturer for 3+ years, when they arrive in the country the wiring is double checked and the plugs changed to ensure they comply with Australian electrical standards.

We offer a genuine 12 month manufacturer's warranty on these electrical items and the warranty is honoured here in Australia.  If we can not service or fix your unit here, we will not send it back to the manufacturer and make you wait, we will replace it and then we will sort it out with the manufacturer well after you have received your replacement.

When these overseas sellers started selling their drills on ebay and offering a 12 month warranty, we were not surprised, they had tried to copy us.  But, if you did by a drill from them and something went wrong, they will be very hard to contact, they will not want to accept responsibility for the broken item and if you eventually manage to get them  to accept responsibility you will have to pay exhorbatant postage to get the item back to them and then postage again to get the item back to you.  So that bargain you thought you had purchased is not looking like such a great bargain any more.

These sellers are not interested in your safety and nor do they have any respect for you or Australian laws.  Australian sellers have to comply with these laws and it costs us money to comply and we price our items accordingly.

We hope that you will support your Australian sellers and not sellers who have no regard for your safety as they are prepared to lie and deceive you to get your money.

Please think carefully before you purchase electrical items from an overseas sellers or even a seller claiming to be in Australia.  If you can not see the plug in the photo there is a 99.9% chance it has an illegal plug.   Read the feedback carefully!

IF YOU RECEIVE AN ELECTRIAL ITEM WITH AN ADAPTOR REPORT IT AS ITEM NOT AS DESCRIBED, because the item you have received is illegal here in Australia.  Protect yourself and let these sellers know they need to abide by and respect Australian laws.  Leave negative feedback to warn others, and DO NOT given in to threats or promises to remove that feedback, you need to warn others about this shonky practice.

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