WARNING: FAKE Nintendo Gameboy Advance Games

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WARNING:  Pokemon Chaos Black is a fake Nintendo game. 
The trouble is that the game arrived in a genuine Nintendo cartridge, nice label and well printed box,  so it was NOT instantly revealed, (unlike other ebay reviewer's comments - they have obviously stepped up the quality) however you become suspicicious when they game is of an inferior quality.

(1) Check the Nintendo website listed below before buying any Gameboy Advance games, to see if you are purchasing a real game.  Go to this website:  http://games.nintendo.com.au/index.php    You can check by:
entering name of game under heading 1, or
select type, e.g. "Gameboy Advance" under heading 2. 
Then click find. 
Amazing, Nintendo have never made a game called Pokemon Chaos Black!  It's a poor quality hack game, even though the scammers have obviously gone to alot of trouble to print everything very professionally and placed game in a genuine Nintendo cartridge.  The scammers obviously DON'T CARE if your son has wasted his birthday money on a fake game and is bitterly disappointed.

(2) Write a Letter of Complaint:  I have phoned Nintendo in Australia and they suggested writing a letter about receiving fake games to:

Marketing Director
Nintendo Australia Head Office
804 Stud Road, Scoresby, 3179.

as all complaints about fake games are sent to the United States, where they track down the seller in Ausralia and are trying to get this stopped..

(3) Put in a Claim to Ebay under the "Standard Purchase Protection Program"http://pages.ebay.com.au/help/tp/esppp-process.html   As long as you have paid by Paypal or personal cheque, or anything traceable, you can put in a claim.  Never pay cash for these items, or you have no rights.  See Protection Program for other rules for making a claim.

(4) Always check seller's profile before buying.  There could be negatives and warnings attached to that seller when you buy, so you need to check seller's feedback.

Good Luck and best wishes.

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