WARNING!!! Fake 10k from CHINA, Hong Kong on Ebay

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Recently I purchased 2 x 10k Gold rings at bargain prices from China.  One of them was $5.99 which was the starting price.  The other I won bidding at $28 odd dollars, which had also been started at $5.99.  When I received the jewellery which was described as being the genuine article with genuine stones, I immediately inspected them to find that the stones and the gold was fake in the10k and even heavily plated.  NOT A bargain!  The seller, after I had sent numerous emails, does not display that they are plated gold and silver underneath, she continues to advertise them as the real thing.  She said that she will get rid of this lot and that the next lot is the real thing.  She offered me free postage (not insurance) If I bought one more ring off her. She now sells 14k gold which look more real in the pictures than the first lot I must admit. So, I bought one from her 1. Because I gave her the benifit of the doubt and 2. Because I should not have rushed to leave feedback in the first place. I will now even file a dispute if this ring is a fake plus leave negative feedback.  She has now realised my intentions and has made her feedback private.  The seller is no longer a registered user but I wouldn't be surprised if she came back under another nick on ebay to rip some more people off. 

 Unless you dont mind the lying, dont buy from them.  Be aware that youre getting an immitation.  This person has duped many buyers into believing that theyre getting the real thing.  After a month or two it begins to peel and then what? Too late, youve already left feedback. They should be banned.

THIS JEWELLERY WAS HALLMARKED 10k !! But after the plating had peeled I found it to be sterling silver..

I would say to all buyers of Gold on Ebay to be very careful when dealing with International Sellers.  Even if they come with certificates in their own language!

I had found great gold sellers on Ebay like: JYJacksons are the best for 9ct Gold, Quality PLUS *****, The Finest Jewellery from Thailand to be the best seller on Ebay for 10K Gold again quality plus *****  You won't get any flimsy pieces, they are as described and beautiful!

Remember that if the price of the overseas purchases plus the shipping totals more than $200 Australian that it will cost you more at customs. They do have a website and number for your enquiries, check out the other guide regarding this that I wrote.

IN ADDITION - Its been some time since I wrote this article and after searching the listings for Gold I have found more fake jewellery items are listed as real gold.  My advice is to be super cautious when buying Gold from overseas.  Right now Hong Kong sellers are offering cheap gold (fake) and charging a fortune for postage.  This will mean that if you do happen to win a bid for lets say, $1.00 and postage is $35, then discover that the gold is fake, you will have no chance of getting a refund with the Ebay buyer protection program.  I see this as a bit of a rort by some sellers so that they dont get penalised.  BUYER BEWARE.

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