WHAT DOES SOLID GOLD MEAN? Purity ~ Carat ~ Karat ~

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Solid gold depends on the purity of the gold content which in turn determines the price of gold. The higher the gold content the higher the price will be ~ when I say purity I mean how much gold is added to other metals to form the final product.

In Australia we tend to use 9ct mainly or 18ct ~ the purity of the gold content is 37.5% (9ct) ~ hence normally a hallmark of 375.  In USA or Canada they have a minimum of 10kt ~ the purity is 41.7% hence the hallmark of 417.  Most Arab countries use 21ct, 23 or 24.  Not all purities (carats)are available in all countries.

9ct   ~ 37.5% gold purity ~ hallmark 375 or 9ct ~ lowest in price ~ hardest gold

10kt ~ 41.7% gold purity ~ hallmark 417 or 10kt

12ct ~ 50.0% gold purity ~ hallmark 500 or 12ct

14kt ~ 58.5% gold purity ~ hallmark 585 or 14kt

18ct, 18kt ~ 75.0% gold purity ~ hallmark 750 or 18ct or 18kt

22ct, 22kt ~ 91.6% gold purity ~ hallmark 916 or 22ct or 22kt

24ct, 24kt ~ 99.9% gold purity ~ hallmark 999 or 24ct or 24kt (highest price) Softest Gold

Which brings me to why there is CT or KT?  Well depending on which country you are in will determine how one spells it.  In England and Australia we spell it CARAT ~ CT and in USA they spell it KARAT hence KT.

Why do different countries have different gold?  Every country has a restriction or a minimum on what gold purity can be used to make an item.

So what are the other metals added to pure gold to make your item?

Rose Gold ~ copper and gold, White Gold ~ palladium, zinc, silver or nickel and gold,

Yellow Gold ~ copper or silver and gold, Green Gold ~ copper, zinc, silver and gold

Watch what you buy and know whom you are buying from !!

I notice some sellers on EBAY state their gold plated or gold-filled items as SOLID GOLD ~ Well this is wrong ~ plated or filled items are not solid gold ~ don't get fooled - the inner part of the item is only metal.

These sellers are stating that their items are hallmarked, which is some cases are, but are not SOLID GOLD items.  Unless the item is solid gold it won't last a lifetime.

This then makes it hard for you the buyer to pick out which is solid and which are fakes!

A few tips are

1.  Read their feedback and get a feel before buying.

2.  Look closely at the pictures and ask questions before bidding.

3.  If it looks too good to be true then it probably is.

4. Most of these sellers state RRP (very high RRP) These are not true at all!! ~ Exaggerated ~ ask do they have a valuation to back up what they are quoting?.

5. ALWAYS pay through PAYPAL to have buyer protection ~ this way if you get the item and it looks suss take it to a jeweller and have it tested. Then if fake open a dispute with Paypal you will get a full refund even if the seller has done a runner. If you pay through bank deposit you will be forced to open a dispute in EBAY and then you wont get a full refund only partial.  These sellers will send you an invoice stating that they prefer bank deposit and try to get you to stay away from Paypal. As a seller myself we get charged more if you pay through paypal than bank deposit, however I still support Paypal as to the protection it gives both seller and buyer.

6.  Also some of these people will list as private auction to hide some truth of who is bidding, how much it sold for and who won the item.  WHY? Hides their sold history files and who won them.

7. Do not buy if there is no hallmark on the item. 

8. WEIGHT NOT LISTED! if the weight of the item is not listed DO NOT buy this item. Every good seller can fork out $50 for a set of jewellers scales ~ (infact I recommend you buy one for yourself and double check the weights before leaving feedbacks ~ you will be surprised how much the weights will vary from the listings).  Some sellers have stunning photos of rings etc but list no weights. Then when you receive the ring weighing only half a gram it bends out of shape as soon as you put it on.

ALWAYS ASK THE WEIGHT OF THE ITEM. If its 20-30grams for less than a $100 then its not genuine.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope you found this interesting and useful ~ if so please vote YES ~ that would be appreciated.  I have other guides on resizing and birthstones.


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