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A haunted item is one that has a spirit bound to it, whether that be a human spirit, a member of the fae group, a djinn, a unicorn, a dragon or some other kind of being. Ideally, spirits are never bound without their consent, as it then becomes a mutually beneficial learning experience for both parties. Sometimes spirits come to be bound to an item for a time because they are searching for a past life connection or want a human connection for learning and trading knowledge. 

Because we are in the overlap of one great age with another, many spirits are taking the opportunity to have a closer interaction with humans and agreee to be bound to a specific item. Others simply attach themselves to objects, items or people of their own accord. This means they can also release themselves of their own accord, but many choose to stay for various reasons. Some come close to the human they realize can release them from a state of limbo and send them back to their appropriate place - wherever that may be.

If you are a spirit keeper, then let the experience be one of mutual benefit and learning. If you have just purchased a haunted item, you will need to bond with the spirit attached to it. Some spirits prefer rituals, others prefer simple bonding ceremonies, some like candles and incense and so on. Regardless of what ritual the spirit requires to start the bonding process, it is best to keep the item with you for a period of three or four days. This sets up an energy imprint and establishes a strong bond with the spirit, regardless of whether you continue to wear the item or even touch it. 

If you have performed the ritual and gone through the bonding process, then that spirit is not transferrable to anyone else, regardless of whether they touch the object or not. Never reveal the name of your spirit being to anyone else either. 

Spirits may reveal themselves in the abstract form such as orbs or flashes of light or smoke. Or they may reveal themselves in concrete form or symbolic form. This means you wull be able to perceive them in humanoid form, or their animal or mystical type.

The most common form of communication is via telepathy, but if you are not telepathic, you will get better results with a pendulum or some other communicator. It is better to ask only for an exchange of knowledge from spiritual beings. Most people do not understand the karmic consequences of asking for a wish to be granted. There always has to be an exchange of some sort. Always remember that the energies must be balanced. If you are just starting out as a spirit keeper, it is far safer to ask for knowledge.  So do your homework, learn as much about spirits as you can before you start asking for anything. Then you can act with certainty for the benefit of all concerned.

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