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An enspelled (charged) piece of jewellry can be anything - it matters little. It may contain a priceless gemstone, the highest quality silver or be just a piece of jewellry containing a crystal. However, it can change the life of the person who owns it.

Pieces can be charged or enspelled for any number of things, depending on the person's requirement; for example, weight loss, good luck, protection, abundance, to attract love and so on.  When the piece is worn, the energy it contains will usually create an overall feeling of confidence concerning the charge. It will also be a reminder to change your thinking about your current circumstances and tune into the energy concerning the spell or the charge. This will help you to begin attracting it into your life.

Spelled or charged items improve your life, surround you with positive energy and attract the things you desire, but you must remember to play your part by being positive and imagining the object that you want or the attitude you want to change or the circumstance you want to bring about, already in your possession, or as happened already. The time it takes to outmanifest will depend entirely on what you want. Always be careful when imaging that you do not create a karmic circumstance for yourself. When you own a charged or enspelled item, you can see, touch and feel the energy, or you can check it with a pendulum to ascertain the amount of charge in the item. Items can be charged for any length of time or for any specific purpose.

You can wear the item as much as you wish, however it is not necessary that you wear it at all times or even at all. Simply keeping it in your home, on your altar, or near your bedside is enough to keep the energy active and to remind you not to lapse back into your old way of thinking. 

While most items are not overly expensive, they can sometimes be a bit delicate and need care in looking after them. This does not make the item ineffective—you are not relying on the item—you are relying on the spell or the charge within it to stimulate your own energies and lift you to a higher vibration. Look after it and it will look after you. 
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