WHO are the MAORI people from NZ & what do they believe

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HI...The MAORI were the first people to settle in NEW ZEALAND...they lived peacefully in villages until a fierce warrior called "Te Rapreha started a war...then there villages became strategiclly based...ie...they looked around at their environment and picked the best place to live...Usually it was at the top of the HILL...as you can see anyone coming...especially if they cut the vegatation and have it cleared so there's a gap where you have to come out of the cover,eventually...Their are seven seperate MAORI TRIBES in NEW ZEALAND and they wared between each other until the WHITE MAN came...then they had someone else too eat...as the early maori's were canible's and this continued for a long time until the WHITE'S WON with GUN's...Unlike most TRIBAL or INDIGINOUS GROUPS there language and culture is alive and thriving...as they teach each other there song's,legend's,myth's and stories...enough for now be careful of the TANI FA...
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