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Frapete wood cream conditioner

Learn how amazing the FraPete wood cream oil conditioner is. We have discovered the amazing benefits of this super anti-bacterial cream.
Our productivity has shot though the roof. 
This amazing cream goes twice as far as our last product we used . This has bought out the grain and beauty of the timber like no other cream we have used before.
Using the Frapete chopping board or butchers block cream oil conditioner is easy.
Open your pot of cream and spoon out as much or as little of the cream as you need.
There is no right or wrong way to do this.
There is no “wipe on, wipe off” as Mr Miyagi would have you do. (Karate Kid)
Use a cloth to spoon your cream out and work it into the surface.
Wooden spoons and kiddy’s toys will greatly benefit from this.
Keep your children and family safe from nasty infections and bad bacteria in this way.
Re-coat if needed and you can buff after the oils have soaked in.
The bees wax is fantastic in making your timber water resistant and has antibacterial properties.
The food grade mineral oil soaks deep into the timber and seals cracks and crevices. The mineral oil will not go rancid as do cooking and vegetable oils. This can become a problem later down the track.
The essential lemon oil is truly a wonderful way that nature fights infection and bacteria and is known to kill many types of viruses. It also is a great natural disinfectant.
We only use organic oils.
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Look at the video

Yep! that's right, watch the video and see this for yourself how amazing this cream really is.
Its got bees wax, food grade mineral oil that won't go rancid over time.
Essential lemon oils.
This South Australian bees wax has been naturally filtered to keep it's anti-bacterial properties and its power to keep moister out. The food grade mineral oils penetrates deep into the wood.
 The organic anti-bacterial essential oils kills germs and keeps your board, kiddies toys and all food utensils safe. 
This natural and perfect blend has been developed over time to create the incredible Frapete cream oil conditioner. 
The Frapete cream totally replaces the need for using oils first to treat new timber. just watch the video and see it in action.
When we made furniture and especially boards, and blocks we always used to treat with oils and then use a wax type of product. Now we do not need to do this as this amazing all in one cream oil conditioner demonstrates.
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