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This is the ultimate guide for collector's of the German WW1 Iron Cross, to help identify the manufacturer's of 'Das Eisernes Kreuz Der Zweiten Klasse 1914', we searched worldwide for up to date information, we think we got it right, if you are aware of any other manufacturers that we might have missed, please let us know and we will add them.

We will start with the known makers first:


MARKING                                                                   MAKER                                                                                     

  • A                                                                F.W. Assman & Soehne, Luedenscheid               
  • AWS                                                          A.  Werner & Sohne, Berlin
  • BD                                                             Bernhard  Dietrich, Altenburg
  • CD                                                             Carl Dillenius, Pforzheim
  • CD 800                                                     Carl Dillenius, Pforzheim
  • Deschler & Sohn                                   Deschler & Sohn Abzeichenfabrik, Muenchen
  • Deutscher Offizierverein                     Deutsches Offizierverein, Berlin
  • D.R.G.M. 653146                                    Deutsches Reichs- Gebrauchs-Muster 653146 Paul Meybauer, Berlin
  • FO                                                             Friedrich Orth,Wien
  • Fr                                                               Friedlaender,Berlin
  • FR                                                              Frank & Reif, Stuttgart
  • FR. SEDLATZEK BLN S.W.68            Friedrich Sedlatzek,Berlin
  • FW                                                             Franz Xaver Wimmer, Muenchen
  • G                                                                Godet & Sohn, Berlin
  • GD                                                             Godet & Sohn, Berlin
  • H                                                                Hossauer, Berlin
  • J                                                                 C.E. Juncker, Berlin
  • JW                                                             Johann Wagner & Sohn, Berlin
  • JWS                                                          Johann Wagner & Sohn, Berlin
  • K                                                                A.E.Kachert, Wien
  • KM                                                             Koenigliches Muenzamt  Abteilung Orden, Stuttgart
  • KM.800                                                     Koenigliches Muenzamt Abteilung Orden, Stuttgart
  • K.M.st                                                       Koenigliches Muenzamt Abteilung Orden, Stuttgart  
  • KO                                                             Koenigliches Muenzamt   Orden, Berlin  
  • KO 800                                                     Koenigliches Muenzamt Orden, Berlin
  • K.M.S.T.                                                   Kriegsministerium Standesamt, Berlin
  • M. HANSEN D.R.G.M. 65006              Deutsches Reichs-Gebrauchs-Muster 65006, Berlin 
  • N                                                               Neuhaus & Soehne, Berlin
  • Paul H.                                                     Paul Hossauer, Berlin
  • R                                                               Alfred Roesner, Dresden
  • S                                                               Heinrich Schneider, Dresden
  • S-W                                                          Sy & Wagner, Berlin
  • W                                                              Wagner, Berlin
  • Wa                                                            Wagner, Berlin
  • Wilm                                                         H.J. Wilm, Hof- und Silberschmiede, Berlin
  • Wilm 800                                                 H.J. Wilm, Hof- und Silberschmiede, Berlin                                    
  • WS                                                           Wagner & Sohn, Berlin
  • W&S                                                        Wagner & Sohn, Berlin
  • Wu-S                                                       Wagner & Sohn, Berlin
  • Z                                                                Zeich, Berlin
  • ZS                                                             Zesch, Stuttgart


Known Silver Content Marks on EK2

  • Quarter moon with crown and silver mark .800
  • .500
  • .750
  • .800
  • .835
  • .900
  • .925
  • .935
  • .938


    Unknown makers: Due to two world wars, with many of the original records having been destroyed. 

AP, B, C, CR, D, E, ED, EW,F, HB, HB.800, HBG, H.B.O, K, K 800, K5, K.A.G., KAW, KD, KP, KM, L, LM, LV, LV26, LV11, LW. M, M+, +M+, +M+O, MEH, MFH, MM, O, OSM, Pr,  PS, R.SCH, RW, T, U, V, WMS, Wo, Y.               


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