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Sick of continuously getting out-bided? Well I have just learnt about  a program that'll put you in the winners circle, JBidWatcher. "Is a Java-based application allowing you to monitor auctions you're not part of, submit bids, snipe (bid at the last moment), and otherwise track your auction-site experience. It includes adult-auction management, MANY currencies (pound, dollar (US, Canada, Australian, and New Taiwanese) and euro, presently), drag-and-drop of auction URLs, an original, unique and powerful 'multisniping' feature, a relatively nice UI, and is known to work cleanly under Linux, Windows, Solaris, and MacOSX from the same binary." [Taken from the Jbidwatcher website.] Basically its a helpful little program to help you get that price you want; bidding just above the highest bidder, at a time the user can specify before the end of the auction. I'm not to sure why i'm unveiling this little ripper of a hint but I trust you wont outbid me using this program... To download just visit the web:                   jbidwatcher.com 

Hope this makes Ebay that little more enjoyable!

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Cheers Caleb

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