Warnings and tips when buying a digital camera.

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Reading a lot of feedback comments, there seems to be some confusion about a few things regarding the flood of digital cameras on the market.

A few tips and couple of things to be wary of:

  • Do NOT be fooled into thinking the camera is actually 12MP or something ridiculous. Read the listing carefully. You will probably notice a term similar to "12MP (via interpolation)" or "MAX resolution 12MP" but what you need to look at is the image sensor (CCD or CMOS) which on the cheap cameras is generally 3.1MP. Interpolation fills in space with information that doesn't actually exist, so of course the quality will be pretty bad. As most of the cheap cameras have the 3.1MP CCD, it might take a decent 3.1MP photo, but if the quality of the lense and CCD isnt there, there is no point getting one. Interpolation is like getting a 3.1MP photo and enlarging it to a 12MP photo. So it might look good from.. 50 metres away. 
  • This leads me onto another point. In a lot of listings you might see something like "Panasonic 3.1MP CCD". Now if it actually IS a panasonic CCD (just that part) that they use in the camera, it doesn't make the camera a Panasonic, again it depends on the quality on the rest of the parts used for the final image quality. This confuses a lot of people.
  • Look the brand up on google!! Easiest way to find out information about it. If it is crap, there will be plenty of forums to let you know. Also if there are no results, stay away as it would just be a fake brand/company.

I hope this will help even just ONE person from wasting their hard earned money! Now you've read it, RATE IT!!! (takes 2 seconds)

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