Watch out for FAKES when buying Louis Vuitton

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My experience of buying Louis Vuitton started when I was heavily pregnant with my first baby.  I was at home all day, and spending alot of time scouring Ebay when I decided (perhaps hormonally) that what I really needed before I became a Mum, was a Louis Vuitton purse. 

Like everyone I guess, I jumped into this blindly and started bidding on all sorts of purses, but unfortunately they all went over my spending limit quite quickly.  This was lucky for me looking back on it now.

My first supposed Louis Vuitton purchase was when my son was roughly 6 months old.  I found a purse that looked so cute!  I bid madly, as you do, and to my delight I won it!  So I did what I thought would be the right thing to protect my new purchase, and paid via Paypal just incase something went wrong.  Well, something did go very wrong.  I received my purse roughly 10 day later, and to my horror, it was something I could have picked up at the market for $5.  Keep in mind that the seller had Guarenteed that it was authentic.  So I contacted my seller and expressed my dissatisfaction in no uncertain terms!  The reply I got was "Too bad.  You bought it and now its yours".  I started on the correct channels to request a refund through Paypal, but only to find out that the only way they wil refund money is to get a written letter from Louis Vuitton stating that the purse is a fake.  I contacted my local LV store and was told that under no circumstances would they do that!  So I was stuck.  With a fake purse.  Less money.  And a bitter taste in my mouth.

So my suggestion to potential LV buyers is

  2. Do your research (there are plenty of online sites that can clarify a fake with just a picture)
  3. Dont beleive Authenticity guarantees (youve got no hope of ever getting a refund)
  4. Dust bags, cards, certificates can be as easily faked as the item itself
  5. Ask for an original receipt of the purchase.  If they cant provide it - ITS  A  FAKE!
  6. Ask yourself "Why is this person selling a $1000 item for $100?"
  7. Check out their feedback - if they have sold multiples of the same sort of item, they could be bringing them in from Asia = FAKE
  8. Where possible, ask if you can pick the item up.  At least you have a chance to check the item out before parting with your cash
  9. LV products do not have imperfections
  10. LV products do not go on sale
  11. No one gets LV products as 'unwanted gifts'.  Just think how much they cost!

So dont be afraid to ask questions of your seller - even pay the extra and get it delivered COD.  And finally - assume that they are all fakes, and dont spend more than you would pay for a fake.

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