Watch out for Fake Pokemon Games

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There is an enormous amount of  illegal  Fake Pokemon
video games on eBay today.

This guide shows you how to tell the difference, Avoid them and why to buy Legit games!


These games cost YOU your hard earned dollars and people are paying almost Retail prices for them!
In reality these games are only worth a Dollar or Two to the seller. They are made in Bulk and sold for
a pittance overseas and re-sold to people who dont know HOW to tell the difference or simply dont CARE. 
The biggest problem with buying these Fake Pokemon games is the fact they have inferior batteries 
installed which can Corrupt or Delete your saved files at any time with NO warning!
Imagine spending over 20hours on a game then your saved file suddenly eats itself ... !!


Pokemon Cartridges - Their Colours

With the Pokemon Games, the cartridge colour is a real dead give away for the Cheaper Fakes.
ALL the Gameboy Advance Pokemon games were released in COLOURED cartridges.

If you see one for sale in a Black or Grey cartridge -  IT IS A  FAKE  - 
(The only 2 exceptions are Gameboy Colours Pokemon Pinball & Pokemon Trading Card Game)


Here is a List of the Pokemon Games & The Colour of their Cartridges


Pokemon Red- Solid Red
Pokemon Blue- Solid Blue
Pokemon Yellow- Solid Yellow
Pokemon Silver- Solid Silver with Glitter
Pokemon Gold- Solid Gold with Glitter
Pokemon Pinball GBC- Solid Black with Rumble Pak feature
Pokemon Trading Car Game- Solid Black
Pokemon Crystal- Transparent Blue/Clear with Glitter
Pokemon Puzzle League- Transparent Clear Light Grey
Pokemon Ruby - Transparent Bright Red
Pokemon Fire Red- Solid Light Red
Pokemon Emerald- Transparent Dark Green
Pokemon Leaf Green- Solid Lime Green
Pokemon Sapphire- Transparent Dark Blue
Pokemon Pinball (Ruby & Sapphire) GBA- Solid Black with a Red & Blue label


Known Fake Pokemon Games:

  • Pocket Monsters Go Go!  (hack of legit Smurfs)
  • Pokemon Adventure  (hack of  legit Sonic)
  • Combo-system Pokemon games  (hacks of old legit NES titles)
  • Pokemon Jade and Pokemon Diamond GBC&GBA  (hacks of Telefang Speed and Telefang Power)
  • Fake Pokemon Crystal  (hack of legit Pokemon Crystal)
  • Pokemon Sapphire for GBC - (Hack of legit Pokemon Blue)
  • Pokemon Cyber - (Hack of legit Pokemon Red)
  • Pokemon Chaos Black  (hack of legit Fire Red)
  • Pokemon Quartz  (hack of legit Ruby/Sapphire)
  • Pokemon Naranja  (hack of legit Fire Red/Leaf Green to include Orange Islands)
  • Pokemon Perla  (hack of legit Ruby/Sapphire)
  • Pokemon Blue Diamond
  • Pokemon Green Diamond
  • Pokemon Metalic/Metallic
  • Pokemon Arcoiris
  • Pokemon Friggo Returns
  • Pokemon Shiny Gold
  • Pokemon Pocket Monsters
  • Pokemon Pocket Monsters Diamond
  • Pokemon Pocket Monsters Jade
  • Pokemon Jade
  • Pokemon Special Edition 2in1
  • Pokemon Poke-Mon
  • Pokemon Dark Cry
  • ALL cartridges like 80 in 1 or 101 in 1 (Multi game carts) = FAKE
    You might think it is cheap paying $100 etc but the theiving counterfeiters make them for a
    few dollars. There is even a site on google that only sells these type of games :(

Newest Fake on the market POKEMON DARK CRY.. People are paying around $50 for this fake!


How to tell by Looking at your Gameboy Cartridge


Cartridges are easy to tell the difference if you know what you are looking for!
Believe me, I have even found Counterfeit Carts in EB games second - hand section
and I had to show them how to tell the difference...

Get your Cartridges and look in where the Connector Pins are-
A Genuine game WILL ALWAYS  say NINTENDO and have a  Serial Number
just behind the Pins!

The Pins you can see Writing .. It says the YEAR and © and NINTENDO and the Serial Number!


Brand New and Tested? Box Flattened?


A Brand New & Legit version of a game WILL NOT need  "Testing"
Counterfeit games are sometimes tested to make sure they actually boot up.
If a box is Brand New and Shiny and FLAT there is a problem.... Boxes dont arrive
to your local shop flattened. They are new and flat when they are first printed, straight out
of a Counterfeiters printer.....
The Instructions are always more than a few pages long, some over 50 pages, including the Warning, 
Contents, Basic Controls, Legal & Warrenty Information pages (These are often omitted in the Fakes)


Pokemon Chaos Black, Friggo, Perla etc?

Sorry - There are NO such Legitimate Pokemon games called:

Chaos Black
Naranja (Japanese word for Orange)
Friggo Returns
Dark Cry

These are just hacked ROMS of Pokemon Red, Yellow, Blue etc and loaded onto Carts and Sold.
Chaos Black for one, has a problem where you get stuck in a cave, and you can't get out.. GAME OVER!


"E"  or  "G"  or  "RP"  Ratings

"E" rating games DO NOT necessarily mean you have a Fake game. 
As USA uses the "E"  rating and Games are released there first, the Copies are made from those. 
"RP" or Rating Pending games are NOT AUTHENTIC. 
As "G" games (Australia, UK and NZ) are released after Japan and USA, the Fakes are usually out 
by the time our ones are released so copies arent made from these...

I hope this guide helped you avoid wasting your hard earned money on the fake Pokemon games.
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