Watch out for cheap clarinets

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Clarinets are quite often sought  by parents of students wanting to learn the instrument at school. As a parent paying school and music fees you naturally seek what you think is a good quality instument at the cheapest price. I did the same thing and looked on ebay for a clarinet for my daughter. I found one being sold by a seller who sells many clarinets on ebay from Queensland. They come in many colours and look quite appealing to the eye. They are marketed as high quality instruments for students. Great I thought and also felt I was onto a good thing when the seller offered me a second chance offer for a cheaper price when I missed out on the auction price (little did I know that a warranty only came with the instrument if I bought it through 'Buy it Now' or chose to pay extra for a warranty). I decided to buy it through the second chance offer. Nine months later my daughter could not get any notes from it so we took it to a professional music store who advised that their repairers would not touch it because it was a very cheap and nasty instrument. Here we were with an instrument that my daughter could not play so she had to borrow one from school for her exam. I emailed the Queensland seller but was told I had no warranty with the instrument because I did not buy it through the 'Buy it Now' price. I followed up with a second email explaining my plight and asking what I could do next but no reply - no service delivery - they had my money, I was on my own and now need to either buy another clarinet or hire one from school. I will be buying another one but not from this Queensland seller.

My advice obviously is to be careful with what you buy. Ask questions, do your research and ask various music stores about the brand that is being advertised as a quality instrument. You will save your money.

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