Watch out for the postage insurance trap

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Hi, this guide is to advise buyers about the concern in regard to the prevalent use of postage insurance by sellers to possibly increase their profit/postage amounts, an item for example may have the postage for the item shown at the top of the listing page as $24.95, yet at the end of the page is an inclusion of $14.95 postage insurance (required), is listed, it is understand the need for sellers to insure their items against loss in post, but this amount should automatically be included in the quoted postage amount shown at the top of the listing, ie the postage for this item should be shown as  $39.90, with an area for sellers to provide a breakdown of the postage and handling fee at the bottom, yet this does not happen so buyers must be very aware of this trap.   I have been lucky enough to spot this so far, but am sure there are other buyers who may not have been so vigilant and what seemed like a bargain at the time of bidding would have become a sorry experience once all the item cost, postage and insurance is added together.   I am hopefull you will consider my guide and it may help to eleviate any further use of this as a means to possibly further sellers profits at the expence of unsuspecting buyers, kind regards,
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