Watching out for fraud listings

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There is always a chance where your account, or someone else's account can be hacked into. Here are a few things which may help to distinguish whether the listing is fraudulent or not.
* They are usually Buy It Now listings since they just want their money quickly and if they leave it as a bidding auction, then it is easy for the real owner of the account to find out that their account has been hacked into
* The price of the listing is usually substantially low compared the other listings of the same item since they want to attract more buyers as quickly as possible.
* The account in which the item has been listed, is actually not a regular seller of the item, or may not have been a seller of any item before. The listings usually use nice formatted to attract buyers into believe it is a genuine listing.
* The bank account Name given from the payment details is different to the name registered with eBay.

If the listing matched all of those mentioned above, then it is most likely a fraudulent listing!! Don't buy and report to eBay asap!
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