Watching out for pirated DVDs overseas

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There are many things to watch out for, when you are purchasing electronic software, Audio CDs, Dvd movies, Console Games, and the like.

Especially, when you are overseas in countries such as China, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia- where the piracy rate is over the roof.

The typical 'Software Pirate' in the backstreets of Hongkong, literally carry their 'stock' in the back of their bikes. On a normal night, when there is no police duty (police duty usually ends around 7pm local time), they set up their collection at the back of a bicycle- in a box.

As you watch them unravel their hundreds among hundreds of DVDs, which they would unarguably claim are 'legit'. Most of them, will have old sneakers on, ready for a quick 'ride away' if police start patrolling the area.

Now, as you scroll through the vast collection of DVDs, you hear the stutter under the collar of their thick coat. Most of the pirates are male, mid aged men, who are doing all they can to pile up some much needed cash.

Ok, so here is the ultimate step to step instructions for


If the seller starts throwing at you titles of the latest blockbuster movies, which have just hit the American cinemas. You know that there's no chance of a 'proper dvd release', and that if you pay your $1US dollar for that DVD, and you go home and find out that the whole things been filmed at a cinema, with the sounds of coughs, laughs and cries all included (free of charge of course).

So as mentioned earlier, the regular price for a fake DVD movie is usually around $1 US. But, the price can heavily vary, especially if you look 'foreign'. Remember, an anglosaxon wandering the streets of Asia is a prime target for a rip off!

But price can be deceiving, in some places - a dvd might cost around $30 dollars, and you might think (ooh, the price depicts the fact that the DVD is probably real). But this 'intentional price jacking' is one of the oldest tricks in the book.

The last advice i give you is, make sure the blurb at the back matches the actual movie. Eg. if you are purchasing 'Lord of the ring's and the blurb starts blabbing on about a 21st century technological breakthrough, then you got yourself a pirate.

So, at the end of the day, don't support piracy- it ruins economies and creates further corruption in places already corrupt.


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