We run a sensible business

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Any sensible business will not sell an item at a certain quality level (ie grade in the case of gemstones & diamonds), then send it to the customer, then have the customer return the item & exchange it for a higher quality item that would have sold for a higher price in the first place had it been the original product offering - we do run a sensible business

It’s like:

The customer buying a Ford car

The Ford is Delivered

The customer doesn’t like the Ford & sends it back requesting a Mercedes at no additional charge


Of course the grading is more subtle than the Ford/Mercedes example, but it’s still a totally valid analogy just the same

We guarantee - Satisfaction or your money back

We absolutely do NOT guarantee – Satisfaction & if not we’ll send you a totally different item than what you bought which is higher quality, value & cost for us to buy – we run a sensible business & will not be doing this – NRS Gems & Diamonds is NOT a charity


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