We say Tefal, You say T-Fal....Why?

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The History Of Tefal Cookware - The World's First Nonstick Cookware.

Like so many modern day inventions, the convenience of nonstick TEFAL cookware was created as the result of an accident. In 1954 a French engineer, Marc Gregorie, invented a way to allow Teflon to adhere to aluminum. In 1955 after receiving a patent for his invention, Marc and his wife, Collette, began making and selling nonstick cookware out of their kitchen. This was so successful that in 1956 the TEFAL (formed by taking the TEF from Teflon and the AL from Aluminum) Company was started. By the end of the year TEFAL was making and selling 100 pans a day in France.

Did We Say That TEFAL Cookware was an Accident?

Okay you say, 'But where was the accident?" The accident was actually the invention of Teflon by DuPont in 1938. It was the result of researching better refrigerants used in refrigerators. The testing produced a polymer and this was highly resistant to chemicals, temperature, electricity and mold. Oh Yeah! and it was also very slippery!

We Say TEFAL Cookware, but You say T-Fal Cookware! WHY?

OK, so if the whole world spells it TEFAL cookware why does North America spell it T-Fal cookware?  Good Question!

The popularity of the nonstick cookware in France was noticed by DuPont. They requested approval from the FDA for Teflon's use in consumer cooking and food processing and were approved. Meanwhile Thomas Hardie an American, met Marc Gregorie while on a business trip. He was impressed with the cookware and decided it would be a big hit in the US. He visited DuPont to discuss the idea of importing the pans. DuPont were enthusiastic, but wanted him to call it something else as TEFAL was too close to their brand of Teflon. Thomas decided to spell it T-Fal.

Finally The T-Fal Cookware was Introduced to the U.S.

The pans went on sale for $6.94 on December 15, 1960. They sold out quickly and factories had to ramp up production  to keep up with demand.

So 5 years after they were launched in France,  the U.S. caught up with the rest of the Europe,  voting  'Yes' to the TEFAL Non stick Cookware under the U.S. spelling  T-Fal.

Jamie Oliver and TEFAL.

Tefal has a long history of making quality affordably priced cookware, Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has a long relationship with Tefal, as well, and has endorsed a number of Tefal products. Jamie likes what Tefal does best, good quality utensils that keep it simple, Hard Anodised Induction cookware, NonStick Technology and Thermo Spot. Keeping the focus on the food with simple easy to use cookware that works.

We hope this clears up the question of why some call it TEFAL and some say T-Fal. Its exactly the same cookware, same manufacturer, same technology, same quality, same performance, same warranty,  just spelled differently for the U.S. market.

Hope this has been beneficial. Cheers.

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