Weather Strip Buying Guide

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Weather Strip Buying Guide

Weather stripping involves sealing doors, windows, and trunks. Their main objective is to keep rain and water out, and to lock heat and air in. With rising energy costs, a bonus of weather stripping includes lower utility bills. Many people may not notice the need for such methods until cold winter nights, but eBay offers a section of weather stripping products all year round.

With a range of lengths, materials and types, including self-adhesive strips, eBay has weather stripping goods to suit a number of needs. This guide will advise users of the goods that are most suitable to fulfill their weather stripping requirements. It will also inform users on the most efficient way to buy related products using eBay.

Choosing the Right Weather Stripping Products

It is important to choose weather stripping that is able to cater for all conditions; for example, choosing a weather strip that will seal a door or window when closed, but also allows for it to open freely and smoothly. The location of the weather stripping will determine what material and products are most suitable. A number of materials can be used for sealing irregular shaped spaces. Below is a list of weather stripping, along with relevant information about each one, including some advantages and disadvantages of their use, and in which location they are most suitable:

Weather Stripping


Tension Seal

Self-stick V shaped plastic that creates a seal by pressing against the sides of a crack to block any drafts. Tension seal is best for the tops and sides of doors and the inside tracks of sliding windows. It is durable and easy to install, but only works on flat surfaces.


Plain or reinforced with a metal strip, stabled, glued or tacked into place. Felt works well around doors and windows. Felt is often cheap and it is easy to install. On the other hand, it isn’t very durable and doesn’t work in places exposed to moisture.


Closed or open-cell foam or rubber. Tape works well in the top and bottom of sash windows, doorframes, and attic hinges. It works well when compressed and is easy to install. Durability varies with material, but not very high for any. Best used where little wears is expected.

Reinforced Foam

Closed-cell foam with a wooden or metal strip. Best used in door or window stops. Works well against wind, but can be difficult to install, as it needs to be sewn, nailed, and painted. Reinforced Foam is also very visible so may not be the most attractive of wind strippers.

Tubular Rubber

Vinyl or sponge rubber tubes usually stapled or tacked into place. Used best around doors. Tubular Rubber seals doors and windows, pressing against them once in place. Effective against air and drafts, but can be difficult to install in the cases of self-stick versions.

Reinforced Silicone

Tubular basket attached to a metal strip. Works best on a door jam or a window stop, and seals very well. Due to a hacksaw being required to cut the metal on Reinforced Silicone, it can make for a difficult installation. Reinforced silicone tends to be higher in cost compared to other wind strippers.

Fin Seal

Pile weather strip with Mylar fin centred in pile. Works best for sliding doors and windows. It is costly, but has very high durability. Like some of the others, fin seal can also be difficult to install.

How to Weather Strip

This section will advise ways to successfully weather strip and get the maximum use from a chosen material and method.

· Figure how much weather strip is needed, and then add 5-10% to cater for any waste or potential mistakes that may be made.

· Apply weather strip to clean, dry surfaces (above 20°F/-7°C).

· Measure the area carefully and correctly before cutting the weather stripping material to ensure that one continual strip can be placed along each surface.

· Apply firmly against surfaces, so to ensure that the material sticks and has maximum durability.

· Make sure weather strip materials meets tightly in all corners to avoid any gaps where air or water can be passed through.

· For windows, apply between the sash and the frame.

· For doors, use the weather strip to cover entire door jam.

· Ensure all weather stripping doesn’t prevent the use of the door, window, or any other area being sealed

Using eBay to Buy Weather Stripping

There are a number of considerations to be made when buying weather strip products on eBay. Below are a list important factors and how they may affect a purchase:

· Gather Information: Bring all of the necessary considerations to a search, including most suitable materials and length needed. Also, consider any additional items that may be needed for installation. For example, if using reinforced foam, it will be necessary to have or purchase paint to cover after installation. Reinforced silicone requires a hack saw to cut through the metal. Fortunately, eBay also offers relevant items at affordable prices.

· Search: For weather stripping, select the category Home & Garden. From the list of relevant categories shown, select Building Materials, DIY, and then move on to Other Building Materials. A huge number of products will appear within this search.

· Filter: Once using eBay’s useful filter is down to a list of other building materials, use your initiative to whittle down to weather stripping related goods. Utilise the search box to type in related key words for a search. In this instance, type everything from ‘Weather’ and ‘Stripper’ to ‘Weather Stripping’. Amongst the item search will be additional filters related to making a purchase.

These filters include the location wished to purchase from, including the option to search for items locally, the condition of items, including the option to search specifically for new or used items, and the price of weather stripping items, including the minimum and maximum prices wishing to pay.

· eBay Deals: For special offers and more low prices, be sure to browse the eBay Deals page. Select the Tools sections and then the Handyman category to browse potential items of interest.

· Communication: The amount of information about items specified in item descriptions can vary depending on the seller. eBay offers the option to contact seller’s directly to ask relevant questions about items and transactions.

· Safety: There are a number of safety considerations regarding the purchase of weather stripping goods on eBay. Be sure to check out the seller’s information before committing to a buy. A great way to determine the reliability of a seller is to look at their feedback. See how much negative feedback they have and explore comments made on transactions.

· Payment: Use PayPal to send the payment. PayPal ensures a swift and secure transaction, and provides users with digital receipts for proof of purchase. Be familiar with any terms and conditions set out by a seller regarding refunds and returns.


There is a fair bit of information to consider when weather stripping. In addition to using this guide, utilise the world of information that resides on the Internet about weather stripping. Research popular brands and highly rated methods.

Take advantage of the filters related to buying weather stripper goods. For those on a budget, set a maximum price to avoid sifting through irrelevant goods. For those looking for a quick purchase, select the Buy it Now option and find sellers who offer next day delivery, usually for a small extra cost.

Be familiar with eBay’s terms and conditions. Once weather stripping goods have arrived, leave feedback that reflects the transaction.

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