Website business for sale!

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Website business for sale, sounds good, real good. I want to explain some of the things that go into owning and running your own website business.

Lets start with what is called the bricks and mortar of products. If you plan on buying a website business on Ebay, be careful that you don't get left just owning a domain name and a website that you cannot manage your self. If you are buying lets say a pet shop business on EBay. The price looks right, but are they offering you the contacts to be able sell what is advertised on the actual website. Also do you know how to maintain and upgrade the pages your self.

A favourite scam I see every day is "This website is listed with Google and Yahoo search engines". If you want to check this out Find Alexa in the Google search engine and type in the domain name in their search engine tool at the top of the page. It will tell you what sort of ranking that website has with Google. It takes at least 3 months to get any sort of good indexing with Google and and many more months to get a higher ranking.

There is a lot of work to running a website and adjusting the pages to keep up with current market trends. So buyer beware!
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