Wedding Centre-pieces - More Than Flowers

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Centre-pieces - More Than Flowers

When most people think centre-pieces, they think of beautiful flower-filled vases or stunning greenery that adds a fresh and beautiful style to the table. It's a wonderful image, and often it looks just as beautiful as expected. However, I would like to challenge you to think of some new alternatives. Imagine, if you will, centre-pieces without flowers - or at the very least, centre-pieces in which the flowers are not the focus.

Though flower-filled centre-pieces are a common sight at weddings, they are not the only option available. In fact, flower-less centre-pieces can be more striking and memorable than their more common alternatives.

Additionally, there are a number of advantages to creating centre-pieces without flowers.
The first being the all important decrease in costs. Flowers are expensive, and by cutting down on the amount that you are purchasing, you can free up a portion of your budget.

Then of course there is the minor detail of allergies – less flowers means there will be less of a chance that your guests will be stuffed up and uncomfortable during the reception.

An additional use for the centre-pieces is to incorporate your favours into them! This will eliminate the added clutter of favours to the table setting, or the need to have a separate location for the favours to be located. Not all centre-pieces need to be identical, variations in height, colour and placement can improve the overall appearance of the decor.  

When it comes to planning centre-pieces, the first detail you are going to want to take into consideration is the theme of your wedding. If your theme is something specific and more than just a colour choice, you can use your centre-pieces as the culmination of your theme.

Unlike with other aspects of decor, it is easier to go overboard on your centre-pieces without decreasing the charm of the event. If you were to be hosting, for example, a Star Wars themed wedding – Star Wars print table cloths might be taking it a bit far – fans you might be, but tacky is never a good plan for a wedding. However, artistic centre-pieces with original Star Wars action figures worked into the design, could be made to work.

 Centre-pieces are meant to be the main focus of your table, but they can be so much more than a piece of decor that simply sits there and looks pretty! They are also great conversation starters as they can be ice-breakers for your guests who may not know each other.

Light can be also be included in your centre-pieces to add that oh-so-chic glow to the tabletop without the glaring lights shining down on you from above. Candles will add romance to the atmosphere while twinkle lights can make it more festive. Luminaries will give off a subtle glow that brings an extra dimension to the centre-piece.
Of course the final decisions must be all yours, however if you are uncertain what you want, the following questions may help you determine your personal taste.

Ask yourself...

Do I want elaborate or simple centre-pieces?

Should they be short or tall? Tip: Keep in mind that centre-pieces should be higher or lower than eye level. They should not block the view or discourage table conversation!

Do I want them themed or more generic?

What is my budget for table decor?

What is the most important detail I want to include in the centre-pieces?

Good luck with your planning, and remember – vases can hold so much more than just water and flowers!

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