Wedding Decorations Buying Guide

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Wedding Decorations Buying Guide

Weddings are a joyful occasion that celebrates the love between two people. The theme of the wedding will be determined by the personality of the couple. No matter what theme, colour combination or aesthetic is decided upon, one thing is universal: the need for wedding decorations. With the summer weather tempting more and more people to host outdoor weddings, it is necessary to decorate both indoors and out.

Thankfully auction sites like eBay offer an extensive range of indoor and outdoor wedding decorations. This guide aims to offer practical advice on choosing wedding decorations for your wedding.

Getting Started

The first step in deciding upon suitable wedding decorations is to answer the following questions. This will help to pin point the right decorations for the wedding.

· Theme: What is the theme of the wedding? The decorations must fit with this theme, as this will greatly influence the colour, style and type of decorations.

· Location: Where is the wedding taking place? The decorations must be appropriate for the location. For example, there is no point purchasing large hanging decorations for a reception in a small and intimate space.

· Guests: How many guests are invited? Some decorations link directly to the number of guests; for example, favors, invitations and place cards. The number of guests will influence how many decorations are purchased.

· Season: What season is the wedding taking place in? The season will influence the type of wedding theme and therefore the decorations that are chosen. The season is a pretty good indicator on the type of weather expected, which will also help influence the location of the wedding.

· Time: What time is the wedding taking place? Decorations suitable for a morning wedding may not be suitable for an evening wedding and vice versa. For example, the lighting at an evening wedding will need to be enhanced, because it provides practical light for people to see, as well as assisting in the creation of atmosphere.

· Tradition: What traditions will the wedding be following? Traditions followed are an individual choice of the bride and groom and will often influence all of the above answers.

· Budget: The overall budget of the decorations for the wedding will ultimately hold the deciding factor on wedding decorations purchased. Be sure to include in this budget room for incidentals, such as postage and packaging.


Finding the perfect decorations for your wedding is as individual as each participating couple. There are a few standard decorations associated with weddings that are outlined below:

Table Décor

For a sit down wedding, table décor is a wonderful way of stamping individuality to the reception venue. By paying attention to the finer details, it helps to create a romantic and intimate atmosphere. When looking at table décor take into consideration the following possibilities:

· Centrepieces

· Place cards

· Table clothes

· Furniture

· Furniture covers

· Cutlery

· Chinaware

· Wedding favors

Hanging Decorations

A lovely way to transform any space is by hanging decorations from the ceiling, walls, or if in an outdoor setting, trees. The possibility of hanging decorations is endless and often include lights or light fittings.


Flowers and bouquets are a traditional element of weddings across the world. They are used to add colour, scent, and beauty to a wedding. The bride and bridesmaids traditionally carry bouquets. Flowers are a popular table centrepiece, and the groom and groomsmen sometimes wear corsages.


Lighting can dramatically influence and change the atmosphere of a wedding. There are many different lighting sources to consider, from candles, hanging lamps and garden lights to fairy lights.

Where to Buy Decorations

When it comes time to buy the decorations for the wedding, the list of places to shop is endless. The great thing about shopping for this kind of engagement is that the more time is given to browsing, the more it allows for inspiration and ideas to flow and grow. The list of places to source the perfect wedding decoration can be as creative as you like. Often wedding decorations are hand made using variouscraft products, purchased second hand, or are brand new and ready to go. The local shopping centre will have a wide selection of products available, opportunity shops, garage sales, online shops, auction sites like eBay, and budget shops.

How to Buy Wedding Decorations On eBay

eBay’s extensive range of wedding decorations that include lights, fairy lights, flowers, hanging decorations, table décor, invitations, and place names make it the perfect location for purchasing all wedding paraphernalia. The following offers advice on how to start using the site.

· Searching for Products: The first point of call when engaging with eBay is to locate the desired item. This can be done a number of ways. The most straightforward is by using the search bar, which is located at the top of every page. Simply type in a search term or product name and eBay will locate all available products relating to the item. All the items will be collated onto one page, ready for browsing.

If an exact product is known, it is possible to search using the advance search function, which is located to the right of the search bar. If there is no specific product known, but a general idea of what is wanted is known instead, browsing via categories is a great way to start. In the case of wedding decorations, simply follow the categories, home & garden,wedding supplies, decorations category and sub-category pathway.

· Suitability: When a decoration is chosen, always make sure that the product is exactly what is being looked for. Accessing the description and photograph provided by the seller can do this. Use the two to cross reference the product. If there are any outstanding questions, ask the seller for more information.

· Exchange and Refund: Most eBay sellers offer excellent customer service; however, it is advisable to be aware of the sellers exchange and refund policy before purchase. This will help to eradicate any unlikely issues after the purchase is finalised. For peace of mind, eBay also offer a buyer protection programme.

· Payment: Payment can be given via credit or debit card. In addition, eBay have a relationship with PayPal, a third party site that facilitate a payment exchange on behalf of the seller and buyer.

· eBay Deals: eBay deals is eBay’s sister site. It is possible to find deals not available on eBay on eBay deals. As a result, it is always a great idea to check the site regularly for wedding decorations. eBay deals also offer free postage.

· Additional information: If additional information is required, refer to eBay’s buyer tips page. Here more information is available on all of the above.


Searching for and deciding upon the perfect wedding decorations can seem a daunting task to any couple. However, if time is given to each of the points above, the search will be easy. Pretty soon the look and feel desired will be achievable with the purchase of the perfect wedding decorations.

Not only this, but eBay’s range of wedding decorations is endless. With the easy to use site and extensive range of products, it makes for an excellent one-stop shop for all wedding decoration needs. And all from the comfort of the home delivered direct to the front door.

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