Wedding Dress from China - Why it is a Big Mistake

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First of all I would like to thank you for taking the opportunity for reading my guide.

Welcome to my 2nd guide:

"Wedding Dress from China - Why it is a Big mistake"

As mentioned in my first guide there are many Chinese sellers selling wedding apparel on eBay Australia and Australian eBay members selling wedding apparal and shipping from China. Unfortunately this is makinig it hard to find Australian made and stocked aussie sellers who sell quality wedding apparel and reliable sellers because of the thousands of overseas listings flooding the categories.

After researching into Wedding Apparel on eBay Australia, I have found that 95% of the listings are shipped from China. There are many Australian members purchasing Wedding Apparel from china not knowing the troubles ahead or what could be faced from buying from overseas.

Some troubles that you could face are:

  • Low and Inferior quality wedding apparel - Most overseas sellers or members who ship from overseas use a poor quality materials to save costs because they love to cut corners for that extra buck
  • Incorrect order specifications - Due to many Australian eBay members purchasing from the Chinese Market, it is taking a toll on the dressmakers and making them rush through the orders to be completed thus making mistakes. Also with the poor English from overseas sellers they cannot interpret your specifications for your unique order.
  • Slow shipping times - Goods coming from overseas can incur extremely delayed shipping times due it being from a quite a long distance away.
  • No exchange policy or if some overseas sellers do provide it, think about the costs of shipping the goods back overseas and the extra wait for the it to come back.
  • Bad communication, no communication and no after sales support at all if you have a complaint
  • You can be charged with import customs duty tax and GST

I have heard too many cases where buyers have been in tears over their ordeal from buying from China or purchasing from Australian's who ship from China. They all start to stress, cry and worry about what they are going to do because their dress is horrific and cheap looking.

That's why I cannot express how much that buying from an Australian made and shipped seller is so very important as you are guarnateed of it's quality and reliability of the seller. Yes overseas sellers are a little cheaper than the Australian made and shipped sellers but the consequences far outweigh the benefits. Buying a wedding dress is so important and leaving it up the professionals in Australia is the wise choice you can make as we cater for your needs and support you through the purchase and even after the purchase.

Buying from Australia has never been so important.


Thank you for taking the time to read and make sure you view my other guides and rate please.

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