Wedding on a budget !!!

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Wedding on a budget!!!

Hi there, I thought I might share some great tips for people who are looking to have a great wedding on a budget. There are many ways to look great, feel great and have a great time.

All you need is time and a little patience, however you can still grab bargains in the nick of time but then you need to be a little less fussy.

  • Look for liquidation sales - I bought 5 stunning bridesmaids dresses for $5 each brand new with tags. Total value of $400. This was a saving of $375.
  • Scan Ebay for wedding dresses, You can get awesome wedding dresses from $5 from Ebay you just need some time and patience - It can be done!
  • Shoes??? If your dress is long enough who cares! Unless you are wearing a short wedding dress Noone will even notice what shoes you wear - My advice, buy a second hand pair from $1 or a cheap shoe sale for the colour of your choice - I guarantee noone will notice ( My bridesmaids wore thongs, their dresses were so long that you wouldn't suspect a thing.
  • A great way to save on decorations is to DIY! I was quoted $2,000 for wedding decorations for both the ceremony and reception. I save alot of money by scouring craft shops, discount stores and sales. We had beautiful Candelabra centrepieces for our decorations, I bought about 6 or 7 black candleabras for $5.00 each from the Warehouse, spray painted white, then a pearlesence coat, wrapped a fake vine spray painted with glitter, added butterlflies and ribboned candles and wallah! beautiful table centrepieces. Depending on where you live “The Warehouse” or Macro Warehouse are large discount stores. However there may be one near you similar that may sell something along those lines, most of the materials e.g. fake vine and white & pearl spray paint where from Spotlight. Little butterflies or flowers can be added to the vines too.With the spray paint, vine, butterflies, candles and ribbon (thick glitter ribbon also available from Spotlight) it cost around $100 or so all up. You would need a glue gun which also doesn’t cost alot and little flair for craft. If you like I will have a look for photos as an example. The butterflies were the main attraction, I bought them for $2 each and needed about 3 per Candelabra (stick 2 in the vine and one on the candle to cover the join from the ribbon with craft pins). Sounds complicated but it is very easy.  These were the centerpiece for each table and looked incredible, the tablecloths were also sprinkled with silver glitter which reflected the light and made everything shimmer. My guests said that they have never seen such original and beautiful wedding decorations and you know what? It was sooo much fun!
  • We got married at the local RSL, At first the thought of an RSL didn't seem so romantic - I was wrong! $300 for room hire for 100 guests ( A massive room completly sealed away from the rest with bar, outdoor area, stage & dancefloor. The Events coordinators there set up the tables, balloons, they organised fairy lights and other decorations. Free ceremony accross the road in a park ( The RSL set up chairs, archway with flowers and red carpet all free of charge ). All of this included for $300 - Now who says you cant have a big cheap wedding?
  • For food we decided on finger food as a cheap option, however this may not always be suitable depending on what you are after.
  • If you have been together a while set-up a wishing well concept. As we paid for the wedding ourselves we had to refinance our mortgage to due so, The money we received from the wishing well in replacement for presents nearly reimbursed the amount that we had spent on the wedding itself!
  • If you love the look of proffesional photos and have had quotes - you will understand the expense up to $3,000!!! Scout aroung for a trainee or a hobby photographer, you will not only find they will have passion and flair for photography, they will be much cheaper. Our was $600 which covered everything and the photos were brilliant! If not - find someone with a good camera and a steady hand. Sometimes they can do the job nearly as good!
  • Last of all keep everything in great nick for when you are ready to resell on Ebay! Hey you never know you may even make your money back!




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