Weight Loss and Fitness in Just 10 Minutes a Day!

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30 minutes a day for exercise is easily said, but harder to follow through with when you have a full time job and/or a family to look after. That 30 minutes a day doesn't include the travel time to get to the park or gym, let alone the changing of clothes and the shower afterwards. 30 minutes a day very quickly turns into an hour and a half if you're anything like me!

So what if I told you there was a way to increase your fitness, tone up, and even lose weight by setting aside just 10 minutes of your day?

Skipping, or jump rope, is back in vogue! Yes, just like we used to do in primary school.
Celebs are jumping on this trend (excuse the pun) as an easy and fun way to keep fit.

You can burn on average between 105 and 140 calories in your 10 minutes of skipping- as opposed to around 80 calories for a 10 minute jog, or approximately 40 calories for a moderately paced 10 minute walk.
Skipping is a great cardiovascular workout, strengthening your heart while toning up your abs, and lower and upper body.

Tied with a healthy eating plan, you will definitely start to notice a difference in muscle tone and energy levels within 3 weeks of beginning your skipping pledge, or even sooner if you can work your 10 minute session in twice a day!
Imagine how much more you will get done with more energy to spare? You might even start finding time for the gym.

You can find great entry level skipping ropes online for under $10, and if you spend a little more you can even buy digital skipping ropes with inbuilt calorie and jump counters!! How great is that!? You can find these innovative fitness tools for under $30 online.

So hop to it beautiful people, join in the skipping revolution! Life's too short to be old and boring- rediscover your inner child with regular skipping and regain energy, strength and vitality.
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