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When writting your description for your online auction, you might like to include meaningful details about the item you are selling. These facts are helpful in thenselves but, real selling power lies in descriptions that put the BUYER in the picture.

Think about selling the sizzle, not the sausage.

Or think about this, a camera is a device with many technical functions but to the buyer it might really be a way of capturing memories forever - see what I mean?

Ask yourself, what is important to the buyer? That's what I'll tell them (along with the technical stuff.) A Buyer will need to know how big a lounge chair is to help make the decision to buy - right? But they'll also need to know if it's firm, soft, snuggly or straight-backed etc.

Talk in pictures, feelings, and context. Because they can't actually touch, feel and use the item until AFTER the purchase, your description is all they have, So give everything you've got to help them SENSE it through your words.

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