What Are Tide Watches?

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For hundreds of years, people used to know that a watch (or clock) is used to tell the time. Today, a watch is not only an ornament on the wrist. Most watchmakers have realized that the purpose of a watch is not only to tell accurate time but also to aid humans in various activities. Mountaineers are oftentimes seen equipped with GPS, barometer, altimeter, and compass featured in their watches, while submarine workers and divers invest in waterproof wristwatches that can measure the depth of the sea. Now, newest models of watches can accurately measure the levels of seawater. They are called the tide watch.

Tide Watches And Their Purpose

Some of you may wonder about the practicality of buying a tide watch when you can simply afford a basic watch to serve its function. But a tide watch is a technical watch and is often used by fishermen, surfers, sea navigators, and basically those who are seriously interested in water sports. It is a sports watch that is specifically used to tell whether it is high or low tide and the time that such certain changes takes place.

For fishermen, it is important to tell the levels of the sea. It is so much more convenient for them to be equipped with the best tide watches because it allows them to determine the best time for fishing without checking the water themselves. If you have gone fishing for quite some time, you will know that the ideal time that the fishes go out in the open is an hour before the sea hits low tide. With your tide watch, you are assured that you will be able to catch fish and make money at the end of the day.

Surfing is a popular sport all over the world, especially where the tides are normally high. A perfect surf turn is determined not only by the skill of the surfer but also the quality of the tide. If you own a tide watch, you can monitor whether or not you will be given quality tides for the day. These watches are used especially for surfing tournaments. As expected, this type of watch is waterproof to up to 100 meters in depth. Most brands manufacture stainless steel watches with resin band so you do not have to worry about rusting.

Similarly, sea navigators take full advantage of this sports watch in deciding whether or not it is safe to travel by the sea at a particular time. When the tides are so high, it is very dangerous especially for smaller fishing boats to sail because of factors like wind and rain. The higher level of precipitation would mean more chances of rain and higher tides. We know that seawater is attracted by the gravitational pull of the moon. This is exactly how tide watches work. The needles are attracted by certain gravity and hence, records tide levels. With all these advantages, a tide watch is not only a luxurious investment but also serves as survival equipment for people who frequently travel or do activities at sea.
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