What Are the Best DIY Birthday Gifts?

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What Are the Best DIY Birthday Gifts?

It is the thought that counts when it comes to birthday gifts, but some would argue that homemade birthday gifts are just a little more thoughtful than store-bought gifts. DIY birthday gifts have a more personal feel and show the gift recipient that the gift giver put extra effort and time into making his or her birthday special. DIY gift ideas can include knitted sports apparel, personalised calendars, tea wreaths, and homemade candles, which are all fun to create and rewarding to give.


Home-Knitted Sports Apparel

Not everyone likes sports, but those who do tend to be passionate about their favourite teams. Clothing manufacturers know this, so they raise the prices of sports memorabilia because they know sports fanatics plan to purchase it regardless. Those who are skilled with yarn and a knitting needle can learn to knit a sports-themed sweater, scarf, or blanket. Any basic knitting pattern works as long as the yarn is the team's colours, and the team logo appears somewhere on the item. Not only is a home-knitted gift less expensive, it can be more unique than a branded item purchased in a sports apparel store.


Personalised Wall Calendar

A personalised wall calendar featuring photos from a friend's most memorable moments makes a thoughtful gift for a friend who is very active on social media sites such as Instagram or Twitter. Not only is this gift individualised, but it is also very simple to make. All one has to do is click through the friend's social media pictures, looking for images that signify important memories. Then, one can print the images at a photo centre and use them to create a functional wall calendar.


Flavoured Tea Wreath

A tea wreath might sound like a silly birthday gift idea to some, but tea drinkers know that one can never have enough varieties of herbal and flavoured teas around. To create this unique gift idea for a friend, one needs some cardboard to cut a circle out for the wreath's base, some patterned wrapping paper to cover the cardboard, several tea bags in various flavours, and clothespins to attach the tea bags to the cardboard base.


Homemade Scented Candles

Scented candles are a timeless birthday gift idea that never gets old. Instead of purchasing store-bought candles, which can get quite pricey, one can create homemade scented candles with a personal touch, while having fun and saving money in the process.

To create scented candles at home, one needs some mason jars, candle wax, a saucepan for melting the wax, wax colourants, candle wicks, and essential oils for adding fragrance. There are many varieties of different essential oil fragrances on the market to suit one's preferences.


Essential Oil

Fragrance Category

Scent Description

Allspice berry


A warm, masculine, spicy yet somewhat sweet scent



A refreshing, invigorating, minty scent



A woody, warm, spicy scent

Tea tree


A warm, spicy scent with a medicinal quality



A sweet balsamic scent with calming effects



A sweet balsamic scent with floral properties



A woody, floral scent with a touch of nutmeg


Making homemade candles allows an opportunity to experiment with a variety of essential oil fragrances. Essential oils such as vanilla or allspice berry make great choices for friends who prefer spicy scents, while oils such as lavender or rosewood are options when making candles for a friend who likes floral fragrances. For an added touch, one can decorate the candle jar with a colourful bow or a hand-painted image.


How to Buy Supplies for DIY Birthday Gifts on eBay

eBay allows you to shop for all of the supplies you need to make thoughtful DIY gifts for your friends' birthdays from the convenience of your home. Use the search function located on any eBay page to access current listings for the item you need, and then make use of the filters to narrow your search results based on factors such as price range, new or used condition, delivery options, colour, or brand name. Before you submit payment, make sure to read the entire item description and view any images that the seller provides to ensure you are selecting a product that fits your requirements.

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