What Causes Night Sweats?

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Night sweats in Menopause..What causes night sweats?

Have you ever wondered what could be causing your night sweats?  And,is there anything that can help with this..    As an Oncology Nurse, working with Dr. John Tickell, I have found a natural way to ease the symptoms , giving people who suffer from night sweats a better nights sleep.
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What causes Night Sweats?  A million dollar question...however, they are a common symptom of menopause, and evidently Lupus sufferers,  which occurs very inconveniently when we are sleeping, often requiring a change of pyjamas or bedsheets. A pair of Wicking pyjamas like cool-jams australia can really help with night sweats by wicking moisture from the body, then dries super quick
Night sweats is not related to outside temperature.  We have a nervous system that is responsible for slowing the body down, however this becomes ineffective when regulating body temperature. More often than not, the sufferer will wake feeling too hot or too cold in wet clothing, requiring a change of clothing. Night sweats may be related to a number of health conditions including hormone imbalance as we know with menopause, or even women breast feeding,  Lupus, Chemotherapy, Diabetes or Anxiety and Depression.

There is an organ that sits at the base of the skull called the hypothalamus … It helps control body temperature when we are sleeping. The hypothalamus uses a set-point to regulate the body's systems, including, body temperature, blood pressure, and body weight. It receives inputs from the body, then makes the proper changes if anything differentiates from this set-point. The set-point can temporarily change, but usually remains remarkably fixed from day-to-day. Night sweats occur when estrogen levels drop, common to menopausal women because the right messages are not being received to the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is the part of the brain that controls body temperature, sex hormones, appetite, and sleep. Reduced natural estrogen levels fool the hypothalamus into believing that the body is too hot. Subsequently, a night sweat occurs in an effort to purge the body of this fictional excess heat.
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