What DSLR Camera to Buy for Beginners?

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What DSLR Camera to Buy for Beginners?

DSLR stands for digital single-lens reflex. The difference between a digital camera and the DSLR is the reflex system, where the light goes through the lens, bounces off the mirror and sends the image to the viewfinder and image sensor. Beginner or entry-level digital SLRs use a pentamirror rather than the pentaprism found in higher-end DSLRs. Numerous camera brands with various features and benefits are available. When choosing a DSLR camera for beginners, knowing the options and brands helps in the buying decision.


DSLR Camera Features

Camera settings, image stabilisation, megapixels, and LCD screen size are four distinguishing features of different camera brands. DSLRs offer both manual and automatic settings for picture capture. Automatic settings have set shutter speed and aperture. Programmed settings include portrait, landscape, action, and night. With manual choices, it is possible to set aperture or shutter speed if desired. Choosing manual gives the user more control of the image capture. 

Image stabilisation is an additional feature that can be a part of the body or lens, if the manufacturer offers it. This ideally corrects minimal shaking or movement, ensuring the quality of the photo.

DSLRs provide instant capture and viewing of the photo taken allowing the beginner to retake the photo if necessary. The LCD screen size determines how easy it is to view the captured image.

The megapixel is the unit of resolution. A single MP is equal to a million pixels. Megapixels play a part in the printed picture quality. The more megapixels an image has, the higher the resolution is, thus the larger the printed image can be. 

Digital SLR Camera Interchangeable Features

Digital SLR cameras have interchangeable lenses. It is possible to purchase a beginner bundle with the body and lens. The lens focal length offered in a bundle differs between manufacturers. Canon and Nikon routinely offer either 15 mm to 55 mm or 18 mm to 200 mm lenses. Other manufacturers may offer up to 150 mm lens. Short focal length lenses start at 15 mm. Long focal length, meaning a distance shot appears closer, can be more than 300 mm. Lenses may also be standard, wide angle, or telephoto, providing a beginner with a chance to upgrade lenses without buying a new body. Lens choices between brands vary substantially, with Nikon and Canon typically having a bigger range.

Filters, small rounded glass pieces, provide different optical enhancements. Polarising filters reduce glare from the object being photographed. Special effects can change hues, soften a landscape's edges, or diffuse light. Certain models and brands of digital SLR cameras for beginners come equipped with built in filters.

DSLR Camera Models and Brands

Canon, Nikon, Sony, and Pentax are big name companies offering various models of DSLRs. Manufacturers have varied price ranges for their DSLRs based on included features. Brands like Nikon and Canon have professional digital SLR models. These models are advertised as professional to differentiate between the beginner models. Brands also vary based on built-in flash, quick edit features, and LCD screens. The Canon Rebel XS DSLR does not have a built-in flash, even though it is considered a beginner digital SLR. Certain models, such as the Canon EOS 100D, offer a touchscreen, while others have a swivel LCD screen.


Camera Model

Notable Features

Canon EOS Rebel T3i

18.0 megapixels

3-inch LCD screen

18-55 mm lens (base)

Built-in filters

Image stabilisation

Nikon D5100

16.2 megapixels

3-inch LCD screen

18-55 mm lens (base)

Special effects mode

Image stabilisation

Pentax K-5-11

16.3 megapixels

3-inch LCD

18-135 mm lens

Image stabilisation

Sony Alpha A57

16.1 megapixels

3-inch LCD screen

18-55 mm lens

Image stabilisation


Each manufacturer offers a variety of models with differences in resolution, manoeuvrability and size of LCD screen, built-in features, and lens choices. Consider these features in addition to comfort and usability of the camera as a whole.


How to Buy DSLR Cameras on eBay

Sellers on eBay offer a wide selection of DSLR camera models and brands. Some sellers offer DSLR deals in bundle form, including the core product, accessories, and camera bag. Rather than doing a broad search for cameras, focus on a specific camera brand or model of digital SLR camera. For example, the search phrase 'Canon DSLR camera' refines the search results. Before completing the purchase, examine the features the DSLR offers. Properly informed, it is possible to find the right DSLR camera for beginners. 

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