What Exactly Can Be sold On Ebay, & What Cannot be Sold

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I am creating this topic to ask all ebayers if they wouldn't mind helping me create this list for all other ebayers.

You see I was banned for advertising an item that I have seen others do the exact same thing, that's how i got the idea i could do that too,

yet they can do this but I cant.

Yea I was mad as because i knew the lister opened there big mouth because they were selling the exact same item but i guess i told the truth and they didn't.

well anyways it gave me the thought to make an EXACT LIST of what CAN be sold on ebay and what CANNOT be sold on ebay.

It will make life easier for everyone who uses ebay.

I am asking everyone who reads this if they wouldn't mind helping me make this EXACT list.

Let me start this by saying you CAN sell Aloe Vera plants but you CANNOT use the words Medicinal.
So I am to understand this.
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