What Is My Home Worth

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This is probably the most asked question in Real Estate.  How do you know What Your Home is really Worth in todays market?

A good place to start is www.WhatIsMyHomeWorth.com    Here you will have access to the very latest Medain House Prices, average days it takes to sell a property, auction clearance rates and much more.

You can then get a Free Visual Inspection by a local expert, this is also organised by www.WhatIsMyHomeWorth.com.  This Free Visual Inspection will be a Market Appraisal at the lower end of the market (not a high price just to get your business).

With this information you can make informed decisions as to the correct price you home could achieve in today's market, the actual Medain House Prices, and local expert information as to how the market is performing.

www.SellNow.com.au is a new internet site that will allow you to advertise your home and self-sell.  They give you F REE For Sale Boards and you can have your own lising on their website for a minimal cost.  (coming soon)

For further information on Sell Now email info@whatismyhomeworth.com.au
For Free House Values  www.WhatIsMyHomeWorth.com
For the best Finance Rates on the Net go to www.WhatIsMyFinanceWorth.com.au

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