What Is Snipping And How Too Stop The Snipper

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Snipping is when a you wait till the last few seconds of the auction, then bid in the hope of snatching the highest bid, not giving the other bidders the chance to place a higher bid. A Sniper also shows no interest in the item till the last few seconds, oh they might ask a question or two but does no bid till the last moment. This is common practice and is a powerful tool in getting that item for the best price. To stop this from happening to you while your are bidding on a item always place your highest bid, for instance if an item is worth to you $200 then chances are if you are given the change you will bid to that amount to get it, but if you are bidding $5 at a time and the bid is at $55 and there is just seconds left a Sniper will bid his or hers highest bid in those last precious seconds getting the item for $56 as you would not have the chance to bid before the action is over, effectively robbing you the chance to get that item you would have gladly payed up to $200 for. Actions are fun and there is a measure of risk, but at the end of the day we all want to walk away with that item, so bid a few dollars at a time over the life of the auction but bid your highest bid and get that item, don’t let the Snipper snatch it from you in those last few seconds. Have Fun and Happy Bidding Shane
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