What Makes a Great SELLER

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1.Communication is upmost

Email the Winner/Seller within 24 hours , everybody likes to feel like they are the number one customer.


2. Have your bank deposit details in check out ready to have the transaction done quickly.

Most hated thing is having to wait for bank details or worse sending a postal check that could take 3-5 working days to get there and then days on top of that 3-5 working days for the item to get back.


3. Get into the habit of  once the money is in your account leave feedback straight away ,and leave to post the item.on the same day.Email the buyer that the parcel is on it`s way

That way if the buyer asks or there is any problems of the item not reaching the destination you can check when you left feedback and see the date you posted the item.

Please note , once  the buyer has finished that part of the transaction , they have nothing more to do except leave feedback for you inwhich really thats up to how quick you get the item to them and how polite you were. Not you leave feed back first and then I will , the buyer will only feel pressured.

If your good at selling you have nothing to hide or worry about and it all goes back to number one .. Communication :)


4. Try and have your items end during the day between school hours and dont flood the market with the same item as people will go for the lowest bidded item and bidding will be spread out. Also have your items end about 20 mins apart from each other giving time for buyers to perhaps buy more items so they can have the adavantage of combined post. Nothing like getting a bargin :)


5. Buy yourself set of kitchen scales , cheap ones can picked them up at bargin shops . Test the scale by putting on a food product that has the weight already printed on it to test if the scales are good . Now you can weigh all items before selling them. When your at the Post Office ask for the free postal cost book or check their web site to use there postal calculator. Then you can write in the description of the item how much it cost to post by using the longest distance.


6. Also if you know how many items are finishing in one week before hand buy  at the post office the packing need such as postal bags, that way when the item is sold you can write the buyers name at home ready to post , saves time at the post office.



I hope all of the above helps , as I have done both sides of the tracks





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